Infinite by Jodi Meadows Book Talk!

book talk feature art

I enter our local coffeehouse and spot the “Book Talk” group off to my right. I wave and head towards the barista.

“Hey Tristan. Can I get–”

Tristan marking a cup doesn’t look up, “Medium White Mocha with a pump of?”

Holding my wallet, I’m a wide-eyed statue. How sad, I thought, that they know me already. Perhaps I drink too much coffee. Maybe it was time to wean off the stuff and come less to the…but who was I kidding. I chuckled as Tristan, holding up the cup still, waiting to write the finishing touch to my order, turned up one side of his mouth into a crooked grin.

“Let me guess” he begins. “Winter is gone, so we’re done with Peppermint. I’d say” he lingers on that last world, eyeing me as though he were searching my soul for the answer. I can feel the stare of the girls behind me, waiting at the table. They’re going to make fun of me for this one.

“Toffee nut?”

I let myself look pensive for a moment but he was right. It’s exactly what I wanted.

“Is that your final answer?” Oh boy, I was flirting. I need to stop this. Just nod and pay the man, Des. 

“Thanks Tristan, how much?” I asked but really, that was a dumb question. I knew the answer. It was the same every time and his face told me he was thinking the same thing.

“Right, $4.30” I said, setting the money down, and adding a dollar tip to the jar. I smiled, suddenly feeling a rush of heat in my cheeks. Walk away now, Des. I turned toward the girls and their wide, not so subtle, open mouthed smiles displaying their molars for all of the coffeehouse to see, made this even more uncomfortable.

I approached, keeping my cool, pretending there was nothing deserving of their ridiculous reactions happening here. I sit and pull out Infinite by Jodi Meadows from my bag.

Silence. Shifty eyes.

“So…books” I said. Silence broke with giggles. Suddenly, we were all schoolgirls.

Then Tristan’s voice carried like a warm latte on a rainy day, “Des! You’re drink’s ready.”

Infinite by Jodi Meadows


Goodreads Synopsis (click here)

Hey everyone! January has come and gone. I feel productive on the reading end of things. I set a Goodreads goal for 2014. 80 books. It’s my first Goodreads book goal. It’s ambitious but I like the incentive to keep me from allowing unnecessary book lulls to happen. I can let those lingers for too long. I can’t do that. There are WAY too many books I want to read. Many new, and many old I need to catch up on.

Apologies on the unexpected book Talk intro. It started off as just a one liner because I’m weird like that, and like to give the book talk a touch of quirk and well…it turned into an entire short story passage. Hope y’all enjoyed my randomness.

And now…to THE BOOK-TALK!

General Thoughts:

The entire series–the storytelling–was well done. It was well-rounded, lyrical, beautiful, endearing, adventurous, funny, and well paced.


From the beginning of the series (book one-Incarnate) we met Ana—a Nosoul, a Newsoul—sheltered the first 18 years of her life, kept away from civilization by her only living relative Li—her mother. On Ana’s 18th birthday—three years after her quindec, what those in the city of Heart consider adulthood—Ana left home to go find herself. She left her uncaring, unloving, cold, over protective mother to be free and live, finally live.

On her adventurous venture, she comes across sylph who chase her down till she is cornered at the edge of a cliff looking over a lake in Range. If Range is the city, Heart is the town within it? Or is it more that Range is a state and Heart a city within?

Back to the “being-cornered-on-a–cliff-overlooking-the-lake” part. Ana gets hurt by the burning sylph and jumps into the freezing waters below. If she was going to die, it would be by her own accord, not these fearsome burning, melody screeching, shadow creatures above.

Enter Sam. Tall, black wild hair, brown eyes, and music in his soul. He jumps in to rescue her as Ana loses notion of where the surface of the water is. Is it up? Is it down? She’s downing…till strong arms wrap around her waist, pulling her up.

Here begins a three book journey for our main characters Ana and Sam.

Back to My Thoughts On Series:

I truly enjoyed this series. I found the world to be unique in its modern technologies, intertwined with fantasy elements we’re all familiar with. Sylph, Dragons, Centaurs, Trolls, Rocs mixed with air drones, and SED’s that are pretty much like iPhones–communications devices that also do…everything. Anything you need, these little devices were built to do it.

I found the concept of a million souls for five thousand years being reincarnated over and over—never someone new till Ana–fascinating. I was extremely curious to know, why? Why a Newsoul, now? Ana was a Newsoul but told she was a Nosoul—insignificant, incapable of love, life, thinking, feeling, anything. Then Sam comes and challenges all that thinking, making Ana feel infinite.

What I Loved in Book Three: INFINITE

  • I loved…too many things. Unexpectedly, there was A LOT of action. So much happened early on in the book. From the beginning, the pace zoomed full speed ahead with no intentions of stopping. Right when you thought it would for a moment…nope! Sike! Something rocked their world, and threw monkey wrenches all over the place. All. Over. The. Place. Money wrenches, everywhere.

Look over there! *points left*

See? Monkey wrenches. Ok, I’ll stop now. I laugh because I tweeted Jodi Meadows, right before opening the book for the first time, ready to delve into this much anticipated story and I told her that I was excited to see Sam and Ana get cozy cause man, Asunder (book two) was a rough ride. What does she reply?

“Well, I—Well, good luck.” *shifty eyes* *busies self writing other book*

My eyes opened wide.

“Jodiiiiiiii!” I responded.

Awwww man! I opened the book.

To book: “Be nice…you’re gonna give me heart palpitations aren’t you?”

Yep! First couple pages…brace yourself.

From here on…WARNING: SPOILERS (not many really, just little things) 

Loved the series and recommend it! Go read it *winks*

Other Things I Loved…Spoilery Things:

  • Cris. I loved Cris. Here I was in Asunder, scowling at Cris. I’m like,

“Cris! Go away! You’re complicating things for Sam and Ana.”

Then the end happened and I literally cried for Cris. Then Infinite page 124—my heart wept and my eyes may have watered as he bloomed a smoke-filled shadow rose to identify himself to Ana. *quiver lip* Oh Cris. He was such a wonderful surprise as a secondary character. I fell for him. I came to really care for his character. I appreciate and enjoyed his role in this last book.

  • Sam and Ana. Man, here I thought their relationship would be better than it was in book two but this was their greatest trial. My heart seriously felt tension the entire second half of the book. My chest was tight at their weeks of tension, distance. It hurt me. I felt Ana’s ache. I felt the emptiness she carried as everything continued to FALL APART and the other half of her soul, whom she loved with everything she was, was distant. He was mad and hurt and angry and distant. Again…*quiver lip*
  • Acid Breath!

jodi meadows tweet-acid breath

And this is one of the many reasons I love Jodi Meadows. In another life scenario, if we were in the same town, went to the same school or something…I think we’d be friends.

Omygoodness. The Dragons and Ana. Later Sam says to her,

“You just go right up to anything and talk to it, don’t you?” Sam closed his eyes and smiled. “I love that about you.” Page 406.

I loved how throughout the series—not all at once—Jodi introduced each mythical creature at some point mentioned, which really aided in painting the world building image for the reader. The whole time, I could see where I was, what it looked like, what they were encountering, seeing.

  • I like that Jodi didn’t leave any loose ends, really. Elements she brought about over and over, found their resolution.
  • For example: I thought the timing for Sam and Ana’s intimacy was well played. At one point, you almost thought it would happen and she siked us! Jodi! *chuckles* Then soon after, the opportunity presented itself, even better than the first. It wasn’t just thrown in there to be thrown in there. It was part of Ana’s ARC, I believe. There was a purpose for it. She grew so much as a character. Their journey toward that intimacy which I felt, sealed the bond that strongly existed between them, was well thought out and written. Not all authors succeed at this. Some throw it in, sloppy, just to throw it in. Others don’t build it well. They present it but then shy away from it, misleading their reader. I appreciate YA writers who approach this sensitive reality with thought instead of impulse and status-quo expectations giving it no purpose. Even in stories where sex is openly painted in the story, it could still be done with a story line purpose, with some thought. For example: “Where the Stars Still Shine” by Trish Doller” which I read and book talked–there are many, I call them New Adult scenes where sex is a part of the story but there was thought behind it. The characters life, upbringing and then her past demons, it all made sense. It fit within the story. Okay, I’m done ranting. Anyway. Sam and Ana’s journey was real and beautiful.
  • Ana. I truly loved her character. I loved her growth. I loved her quirks; I related to them so much, it was great. I liked her gusty approach to things. I liked her determination to not be held back by peoples assumptions, thoughts, rules, small minded ignorance trying to box her in. If she believed in something, nothing or no one would convince her otherwise. She loved well, and for someone told she was incapable of loving. I enjoyed her journey and by the end, I desperately wanted another chapter or so. I wanted a bit more of Ana in her new life.

There is so much more I loved about this series but am still in the midst of my book hangover and can’t remember it all right now. I’m processing the sad reality that I am done with this series. I will not read anything further on Ana, Sam, Cris…I want more. Thanks Jodi Meadows for a great series! Can’t wait for Orphan Queen! (her new project) 

I definitely recommend this series. It had a lot of heart. It had adventure. It had a beautiful relationship that developed in the course of a year. It was great. Go read it!

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