MAIL DAY: Books!

Mailman courtesy of: Petshopbox Studio

“Hello Bernard!”

*skips over to Bernard the Mailman*

“What do you have for me today”

*Bernard, the quiet type, reaches into his satchel and takes out*

into the still blue

Into the Still Blue by Veronica Rossi



Infinite by Jodi Meadows

*Des practically tackles Bernard the Mailman to the ground, grabbing books, runs inside, calling out across her shoulder*

“Thanks Bernard!!!”

*Bernard the Mailman grunts an “Mm-Hm” and goes along his day*

Happy Mail Day: BOOKS!

Hello everyone! How is February treating you? Can you believe January is over and February has already arrived? Goodness me, time really needs to simmer down and calm it’s horses!

Welcome to my new Feature: MAIL DAY: Books!

Simple, but I thought it would be cool and bookish of me to share with you all the glorious-smells and feels like Christmas-days of Mail, when books come home to me!

Sometimes the journey is AGONY! Such as Ignite Me by Tahereh Mafi, making me wait till possibly February 9th-12th to receive. Not Ignite Me’s fault…it’s Barnes and Nobles and Amazon’s fault. *grins* 

“But Des, why not go to the book store and have the wondrous experience of purchasing the book the day it’s released?”

Oh reader, I would LOVE to have such an experience but my BOOK STORE IN TOWN SUCKS!

Barnes and Nobles is the only bookstore we have in town that remains current. The two indie bookstores I would love to visit and purchase from, do not have a wide range of YA titles, hence it is not a priority for them to stay up to date with New Releases…that breaks my lil’ corazon (heart) a bit…no, a lot. *sighs*

So, I am robbed from such an experience and must order on Amazon. Amazon wants to charge me a butt-load to have it delivered on release day. Some authors have told me to request it from bookstore. Barnes and Nobles wont even have the book brought to the store, they will request it and have it shipped to my house which would take over a week of business days. Ugh.

But enough of the sad stuff…TODAY WAS A MAIL DAY!

As most of you know, I have truly enjoyed reading the first two books of each of these series.

(click on book titles and authors for Goodreads links)


Under the Never Sky

Through the Ever Night

Into the Still Blue

by: Veronica Rossi





by: Jodi Meadows

I have fallen for Perry’s strong and silent self, and I have swooned at Sam and Ana’s relational dynamics, quirks and all.

A part of me is sad to see these two series come to an end. I’m not ready to say goodbye, dangit! I have heard brilliant things about the ending of both of these series, which makes me VERY happy.

The last series I read and finished was the Divergent series…I mentioned that in one of my recent posts and it just dawned on me that I’m lying. Divergent wasn’t, The Hunger Games was.

Well, both were heavy-hearted endings. I’m excited to finish a series and walk away feeling fulfilled and happy…from what I’ve gathered of other’s brief reviews. (no spoilers, of course)

I feel torn between which to start reading first. Tonight I will begin one of them. Which to pick?

Happy Reading!



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