What Should I Read Next!?!

I have this weird reading quirk. Now that I've been more consistent with my blog, once I finish a book, I don't feel completely settled until I write a "fresh in my mind" book talk then I can move on to the next read. So while I was sick, I breezed through Under the Never… Continue reading What Should I Read Next!?!


Writers Write To Entertain & So Much More…

Writers Write to... I read something today and then tweeted: and well, it got me thinking. I almost went on a whole tangent on Twitter but held back because let's face it--me rambling in 140 characters, it's called, losing followers that way-ha! C.J. Redwine--who I have mentioned countless times in the past that I love… Continue reading Writers Write To Entertain & So Much More…


A New Year, A New Routine (Or, The Problem With Goals)

Loved this! Helped put words to what I am currently going through…and now… *light bulb* Related blog to come 😉


As much as I detest New Year Eve’s with all its enforced fun and depressing reminders that yet another year has gone by and you haven’t achieved all the stuff you swore you would, it does have two things going for it: it comes with fireworks, and it throws open the doors on another fresh, exciting 365 days in which anything could happen.

someecards.com - I can't believe it's been a year since I didn't become a better person.

I had a bit of an epiphany in 2013 about how I go about achieving my goals. (Or not.) I’ve read a lot of books about goal setting and positive visualization and the law of attraction, and the more scientific consensus seems to be that rather than visualizing yourself having achieved your ultimate dream—sitting under an oak tree with Oprah while she insists that everyone in the world runs out right now and buys a copy of your book, for example—your time would be better spent…

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Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine

 BOOK CHAT WITH D.MARIE"Grande White Mocha with one pump of Cinnamon Dulce?"*grabs coffee and thanks Barista*Is this my first Book Talk of 2014? One moment...*goes through archives*Nope, just kidding. "Under the Never Sky" was my first. This is then my first "Book-Talk" which really isn't THAT different from other book blogging posts I've done.Book Talks?… Continue reading Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine