My Next Read-Picked!

Thank you everyone who mailed, tweeted and commented their suggestions! 

I have made my decision based on your suggestions! Not only have I made my decision about the next read I will possibly start tonight but I also know for sure which will be my next read after this one. Thanks!

My Next Pick:


Where the Stars Still Shine by Trish Doller


A few people have suggested this book and also, a few bookish community Twitter-pals have recently read it and given amazing reviews about it.

Here’s a quick Goodreads review from a book blogger I follow-

“Everything about this book was flawless for me. I literally can’t think of one thing about it that could have been better. Trish Doller wrote a story that made my heart explode into pieces so small they shouldn’t have been able to been able to be put back together — but somehow she managed to put them back together with a moving story of family, second chances, love and facing your future despite your past. If you like amazing character development that feels incredibly real and makes you feel emotions so fiercely, pick this book up. The plot was immediately interesting to me and the characters just took it and ran and I didn’t want to pull myself out of the story because I was so immersed in it. Such a COMPLETE story that reminds me of why I love reading!”

 What a beautiful and powerful statement about a book. How could I resist?

Also Why…

Recently, I have been immersed in YA dystopian, sci-fi, or fantasy series–which I LOVE–and as I wait to FINALLY put a closure stamp on two of the series I have recently been reading, I thought today about giving myself a breather in between.

See, the last series I completed was the Divergent series, and if you read my Book Talk on Allegiant (Hello World. Allegiant.)–then you know that it was not a pleasant, closure-filled farewell, for me.

Since then, I have began many series that have yet to end. The agony of waiting, not knowing, being left hanging in the balance here, while people you have fallen in love with (characters) are holding their breaths waiting for their stories, voices to be told and concluded, is like an emptiness that walks around within you that can not be filled…not yet.

Dramatic, I know. *grins*

Today I thought,

“Huh. Where the Stars Still Shine and Clockwork Prince are the top two contenders…You know, (after confirming with a Twitter pal) Where the Stars Still Shine is a contemporary AND a standalone (meaning–not a series of multiple books-just one book, fully encompassing the beginning, middle and end of a story).

It would be nice to just jump into a completed story. A contemporary might be a nice breather as well cause let’s face it, come January 28th, I will be devouring the ending of two fantasy type series and THEN, come February 4th is it, Ignite Me–the ending of a dystopian sci-fi-ish series–comes out and I will be eating that one up to.”

Yep. I have full on conversations with myself. That was one, long thought process there too. It was most likely longer, but I’m sparing you all the rambling details. You’re welcome. *gives toothy smile*

I’m excited to crack open this book. It seems like a good, swift read–all depending on the pace, of course–so let’s see how this goes.

What’s Next?

Well, the 28th is still six days away so I’m sure I can get another read in there after this one. By popular demand, I will then take on:


Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

Many people requested this as well.

So stay tuned, for as soon as I finish I will get on those Book Talks!

Also stay tuned for my yet remaining Book Talks on, Asunder by Jodi Meadows and Through the Ever Night by Veronica Rossi.

Thanks again everyone for your suggestions! Love being able connect with you all on bookish stuff.

Happy Reading


D. Marie

a.k.a. Des

a.k.a also DreamyMarie

a.k.a.k.a.k.a…. Ok, no, I’m done. Bye!

2 thoughts on “My Next Read-Picked!

    1. haha There, there. *hands over tissue and a cupcake*
      Think of it this way, I’m sparing everyone from falling in love with it and not being able to yet buy it.
      It comes out in March. It’s definitely one of my picks very soon! 🙂
      Plowing through the TBR!

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