Writing Days…I Be Slackin’

photo courtesy of: Catherine, Caffeinated

Writing Days, & 2014 Goals

Week One of 2014:

Well hello everyone! How has your first week of 2014 been going?

Me? Well, let’s see…I remember a bright shiny ball of lights in New York plummeting towards a countdown on a TV screen…I remember yelling, cheering, fireworks, champagne glasses clinking and lots and lots of hugs and kissing…

You too?

Then I went to bed–I would say late but let’s be honest here…I’m a night owl, there’s no such thing–quite early considering last years New Years (6:30am last year – 3:30am this year…well, perhaps a bit later because I went to bed, hid away from the party to finish my book-I know, I’m such a wild party animal).

The next day, the fam and I pretty much passed out, exhausted with a house to eventually clean. Next thing we know, life is backwards because the day after New Years day is already Thursday and people are back at work and thoughts of,

“What’s going on?”

“Is this real life”

Filter through your subconscious or…was it my current conscience state? I promise I don’t get drunk or do drugs.

I spent Thursday and Friday with the familia again (I believe I hung out with the niece and nephew who own a piece of my heart) and it was the weekend again…only it wasn’t “again”, it only felt as so after having New Years land in the middle of the week.

Are you tracking with me? Anyone confused yet?

Then… *eerie music swells in* I. GOT. SICK. DAGBLAMMIT!

I reblogged a post Catherine, Caffeinated just wrote that I most definitely related to. I love these bloggers whose ideas I keep jacking for my own blog post ideas (Sorry) but I do it in admiration because they just seem to put into words things I’m thinking or feeling that I had yet been able to put into words myself.

For example…I laughed reading her 2013 “work routine” example…I laughed because it resembled my own a little too much.

:Here’s the blog post by the way:

“For most of last year, my ‘work day’ routine looked something like this (I work from home):

  1. Wake-up
  2. Go back to sleep
  3. Wake-up again
  4. Lie in bed for a while
  5. Get up
  6. Dozily make some coffee
  7. Take coffee to computer
  8. Check e-mail
  9. Catch up on my celebrity news (replace that with Twitter & Youtube)
  10. Oh, that looks like an interesting link my friend has posted on Facebook…
  11. Two to four hours pass by
  12. Is that the time? Why, half the day is gone! I’ll never get much of anything done now, because I didn’t start early enough. Oh, well. There’s episodes of Catfish on my Sky+ box and tomorrow is another day…(replace episodes of Catfish with more Twitter, or Tumblr, or Youtube Book-Tubers, or last week’s episode of Scandal or Reign or …you get the point)

Now, approaching 2014, we all wrote blogs on our Resolutions–hopeful, goal filled posts that sparkled and shined–such as

2013 Good Riddance! Hello 2014 Resolutions! Part 1


2013 Good Riddance! Hello 2014 Resolutions! Part 2

So motivated and so inspired for this new chance for CHANGE! 2013 seemed to SUCK for most people I spoke with. It was just one of those tough, rough, SUCKY years that decided to become a spirit animal resembling a LEECH that wanted to *Dracula voice* “SUCK YOUR BLOOD”

I had a list. A list of the little things I CAN control and do towards things I desired. The things I CAN’T control, I was determining to let go and not over analyze and freak out about every little freaking detail as I always do. I paralyze myself, procrastinating because I want to “figure everything out” before I approach things but in turn, I just sit there…waiting…and NOTHING happens cause I thought it to DEATH!

List. Goals, right. So, I was ready, am ready for 2014…and then…the plague happened. No, not the plague, this isn’t 1846 but a germ from hell called *ominous voice* “The Head Cold” attacked mine and many other Twitter pals and my other at home bestie’s bodies that same week.

This sucker (zee Leech now known as Head Cold, not 2013) lingered refusing to set me free, no matter how much medication I pumped into this body. Technically, I’m still going through the post-lingering effects of it that are simply obnoxious. Either I’m sick or I’m better…NO IN BETWEEN!

I’m in the in-between stage. *corner of mouth blows a hair strand out of face*

So, Writing!

Yeah, writing was, is, a BIG goal aspect on my list. I was excited to get back into a solid groove, now that I had Black Stallion 2 (new laptop). I felt the energy of getting up earlier, walking around this HUGE track near my niece and nephews house that I stumbled upon and liked, I have some ideas about job hunting, and I had goals set to pick up momentum for this blog.

Now, at least, I am proud of two things.

1. I have picked up momentum with this blog-focused and more consistent.

2. I have made a HUGE dent on my TBR-reading more often. Broke the Slump! *FIST PUMP*

The nega-ti-vos about getting sick are:

1. I have not touched any of my other goals

2. I still feel as though I haven’t processed it’s the New Year yet because…I got sick right when the New Year came. I already wasn’t processing that Christmas already happened, less New Years and then this. Leech….threw me off.

3. I have yet to feel motivated because my brain and body haven’t caught up with one another yet.

4. I have developed a BAD. HABIT.

“Hi, I’m Des, and I stay up every night reading till 4 or 5 in the morning”

*crowd responds in unison* “Hiiiii, Des.”

Since being sick, I took on a Reading habit. I broke the slump and got into a pretty steady groove. In the week I’ve been sick, I’ve read…three books? Four? Yeah, it’s been pretty fantastic, except…in the last three days especially, that reading has mainly happened when I go to bed to officially, you know…what is it that people do at night?

Oh, right! Sleep.

I crack open my current book and…four, five hours later…I’m still devouring the read, not being able to put the darn thing down. This would be fine if I wasn’t in turn waking up, going back to sleep, waking up, grunting, turning over in covers, hissing at daylight, dozing off again…and…”what?! It’s late afternoon?”


By the time I’ve gotten up and become more human, less zombie, I engage in the “work day routine” displayed above from Catherine, Caffeinated’s blog. No bueno, my friends. No. Bueno.

So that’s been my first week in 2014! Fabulous, right? Ha!

I’m hoping to shake off this leech–burn it, bury it–and find my stride into this new year’s goals I determined for myself. Hope everyone’s 2014 has had a better start than my own.

I have a book/plot outline waiting for me. I have a book, waiting for me to give voice to again. I need to get back to writing. I have SLACKED on that, tremendously. No more excuses. I need to get a schedule and routine going.

I like Catherine’s (if you read her post), how she’s focusing herself to wake up earlier, attack writing first thing in the day, set a certain amount of hours-goal. Once it’s tackled in the first half of the day, you feel less guilty throughout the day if you have yet to do it.

My day might look a little different because I want to wake up, at a sensible hour in the…what’s that called? That time of day normal non-nocturnal people wake up to…Oh, right…MORNING!

Wake up in the morning, go for that walk for 40 minutes to an hour, come back, shower, dress NOT in pjs so I feel motivated to do something and not feel bummy and unproductive, then tackle writing for most of the rest of the day. Obviously, within that is emails, social marketing stuff I’m helping someone with, job hunting, blogging, etc.

Next goal…start the reading before bed part MUCH earlier than eleven or midnight. Perhaps if I start at 9pm till probably midnight (to be honest with myself) then sleep, it may work out better than reading till four in the morning. Just a thought.

Okay, I will stop rambling now and on to those goals!


❤ D. Marie



Perry came home to me!!! I’m so excited, I could cry.

I have been waiting for this since I finished book one (Under the Never Sky) on New Years. I ordered it on New Years day so shipping and delivery was delayed. I delved into the Incarnate series by Jodi Meadows in the meantime to ease my need for Perry sorrows.

Luckily, I quickly became intrigued by Sam, and then invested in Sam and Ana that I successfully put Aria and Perry aside for now. I’m on the second book of the Incarnate series, ASUNDER

d0d097b477d311e3b3620e2466b91563_8Isn’t it a beautiful book cover?

INCARNATE first book of the series


So once I finish up ASUNDER (which will be probably tonight) I will be diving back into Aria and Perry’s story! LOVE THEM!

Bye Bye for now!

2 thoughts on “Writing Days…I Be Slackin’

  1. Gosh darn it, that IS a pretty cover. I love pretty covers.. I’ve been known to be shallow enough to judge a book on it..

    1. Isnt it?!
      I am completely a no-shame shallow book cover judge-r! lol
      Most books I buy are due to the covers reaching out and touching me. My eyes make a connection. THEN I’ll read the
      book description after lol

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