Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine

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“Grande White Mocha with one pump of Cinnamon Dulce?”

*grabs coffee and thanks Barista*

Is this my first Book Talk of 2014? One moment…

*goes through archives*

Nope, just kidding. “Under the Never Sky” was my first. This is then my first “Book-Talk” which really isn’t THAT different from other book blogging posts I’ve done.

Book Talks? What’s New:

For the most part, I will post Goodreads synopsis of the books we will be chatting about and then I will get into my overall feel coming out of the book.

Then, I’ll be posting what I believe will be a frequent addition to further book-talk posts:

Memorable Moments Tabs!

I did this for the last post and I liked it. I just listed off and shared memorable moments for me in the book. For those who read it, did you like that? It was Spoiler-y so is it a good idea? Does it only include those who’ve read it?

I feel if you haven’t read it, and are curious, it may stir more interest in reading the book…but because of Spoiler’s should I label major plot point Tabs?

I want to ramble about how I felt about said books, but I also want those who stumble along to enjoy and find what they’re looking for when they chose to click on zee blog post about a book.

I’d love your insights on what you look for when you see “Book Talk (insert book name here)”. What are you interested in reading?

Now…on to the book at hand!

*sips coffee* Let’s Chat!

First, I would like to say that I LOVE C.J. Redwine. I follow her on Twitter (twitter handle: @cjredwine) and she is hilarious and a major lover of all things Benedict Cumberbatch!

And today (1-8-14) is her Birthday! YAY! Happy Birthday C.J. *sends BC gifs*


When an author is awesome as a person, it indeed makes me curious to check their brain out through a book they wrote.

defiance deception

Deception is the second book in the Defiance trilogy by C.J. Synopsis? Sure…here is it! Brought to you by-Goodreads!

Goodreads Synopsis:

Baalboden has been ravaged. The brutal Commander’s whereabouts are unknown. And Rachel (kick-butt redhead <~~~I, Des, added that *wink*… as you were), grief stricken over her father’s death, needs Logan more than ever. With their ragged group of survivors struggling to forge a future, it’s up to Logan to become the leader they need—with Rachel by his side. Under constant threat from rival Carrington’s army, who is after the device that controls the Cursed One, the group decides to abandon the ruins of their home and take their chances in the Wasteland.

But soon their problems intensify tenfold: someone—possibly inside their ranks—is sabotaging the survivors, picking them off one by one. The chaos and uncertainty of each day puts unbearable strain on Rachel and Logan, and it isn’t long before they feel their love splintering. Even worse, as it becomes clear that the Commander will stop at nothing to destroy them, the band of survivors begins to question whether the price of freedom may be too great—and whether, hunted by their enemies and the murderous traitor in their midst, they can make it out of the Wasteland alive.

In this daring sequel to Defiance, with the world they once loved forever destroyed, Rachel and Logan must decide between a life on the run and standing their ground to fight

*end of sound bite*

Warning: Spoilers will ensue…

There is A LOT that happens both in book one and book two of this series. Holy Moly and talk about PLOT TWIST in the last few chapters of Book two! In book one, I loved the tension between Logan and Rachel. Omylanta, when she was sent to live with Logan (his “genius” without thinking idea) because Rachel needed to have a Protector over her…I LOVED those later sexual tension scenes. Logan pretending he didn’t like Rachel in that way–pfft! Right.

Book one ended with a breakthrough in their relationship where confessions of love are made. They went through hell together and apart. They left us just as Baalboden was devastated from their failed attempt to bring forth “The Cursed One”.

In the beginning of book two, I felt the pressure Logan had now as the leader of the Baalboden survivors. I do like that this story has been told through both Rachel’s and Logan’s point of view (POV). Logan, who was the outcast orphan–after the Commander *glares at Commander*–I do. not. like. that guy–killed his mother in the middle of the street for him to see. Now, here he stood, with all this new pressure to lead these frantic, confused allegiance citizens…there are like five out of the almost two hundred survivors who are actually on Logan’s side…no pressure!

Poor Rachel…throughout 95% of this book she is traumatized by many things. The Commander forced her into a covered wagon and killed, slaughtered Oliver in front of her. His blood…everywhere. She later finds out her father indeed died. Then there’s Melkin–the professional the Commander sent with Rachel to go find her father’s package. He was being threatened to bring the package and kill Rachel or else his wife, Eloise–who is pregnant–will die.

Rachel and him fought and she killed him. His blood stained her skin and haunted her dreams. This poor girl’s nightmares! She is haunted with the overwhelming scent and flood of blood as Oliver, her Father and Melkin hiss at her within those nightmares. There were two “Feels” moments in the beginning with Rachel and Logan but after that, Rachel keeps pulling away, sinking deeper into a numbing shell.

I read the first half of this book a few months ago, then put it down because I knew book three was still a ways away to be released. This whole reading series and needing to wait almost a year for the next to come out is…AGONY!

When I got sick this past week, I declared it a “Reading Weekend”, meaning I was not going to feel guilty for NOT being productive. The first book I picked up was Deception. It was time to not feel meh. about leaving something half done. I am a little rusty with all the details from the first half. After a quick review, I remember all the CRAP they went through. My goodness!

The pace did slow down a bit only because they were on a LONG journey with this HUGE crowd of survivors to guide and worry about. I felt the mundane portions of their travel. I had heart spikes when things like, the boys guarding being murdered happened *sad face*. The sorrow of burying them, the fury in both Logan’s and Rachel’s hearts–I felt it. Then it was back to the long, strenuous journey to hopefully, safety inside Lankenshire’s walls.


Holy Deceiving-Never-Trusted-Him-but-Didn’t-See-That-Coming Batman!

The last 150 0r so pages of the book really picked up suddenly. From the moment when Logan decided to blow up the bridge over the river but needed to get everyone safely across it first, and Thom…Oh Thom… *sniffles* so much was slowly being revealed.

This was a journey read, like I was literally stepping into this adventure fantasy with them and walking through the Wastelands, experiencing it all with them. I have been enjoying this series very much. A LOT of craziness and action happens in this book!

And now…


deception quote

Share them with me if you’ve read it or read along if you don’t mind spoilers and maybe need more incentive to pick this read up…

Tab #1  Rachel physically teaching Logan archery *wiggles eyebrows*

This was a great scene in the beginning of the book. We come out of book one with that wonderful kiss starting underwater and then surfacing and love confessions *girly squeal* so coming into book two, you’re hoping for some “feels” after that. They have the weight of world on them–mainly Logan and he’s stressed and over thinking EVERYTHING! His brain is an old mathematical adding machine. Rachel is all instinct. Not being able to catch a simple rabbit with a bow and arrow, Rachel mocks his taking 10 minutes, letting the rabbit escape before shooting.

She gets behind him, molding her body with his and he cant concentrate *giggles* He gets all nerdy, trying to think about the proper method for creating a battery just to give his mind anything else to think about…

“Got it,” she says, and her lips brush the side of my neck.

All thoughts of assembling batteries fly out of my head.

I spin away from the rabbit, toss the bow onto the ground, and pull Rachel against me before she can open her mouth to tell me she was right–for once, poetry was the answer instead of math.


Tab #2 Rachel trying to seduce Logan in the tent to run away from her nightmares

Poor Rachel wakes up every night screaming till she is hoarse from her nightmares but refuses to talk about them. Logan wakes her up, begging her to talk to him, let him in.

Poor boy almost didn’t stand a chance. He tries pulling away and stopping her. Finally does, and her ego is bruised. He reassures her that he most definitely wants her but not like this, not to hide or run away from something, using him as a distraction.

I almost felt embarrassed for Rachel and then wanted to yell at her.

“Get it together woman! If you do, you and Logan could enjoy each others love more! Gosh!” *storms away from Rachel after poking her with every syllable*

Then I remember what she’s going through and feel bad for her. I can’t imagine watching someone take a life you love right in front of you and then taking a life yourself.

Tab #3 Thom’s sacrifice for Logan *quiver lip*

Our next tab is alllllll the way into the last half of the book. Logan and Jodi were racing in the wagon behind the entire group he’s leading, trying to keep Carrington’s army and the Commander at bay in time to bomb the bridge, leaving them with no access to follow and attack. Logan and Jodi are on the bridge and the army is catching up. Logan has these jars of glycerin and acid. There are too many from the survivors group still lagging behind. Logan forces Jodi to take the wagon and fill it with the rest who are behind and get the HECK. OFF. THE. BRIDGE. Which means…Logan wouldn’t make it. His stupid plan was to try and jump off the bridge before the explosion, into the rocky water below and hope he can survive.

“What?! Logan! Here you are screaming at Rachel for sacrificing herself without thinking. Granted, hers have been more emotionally driven, and reckless but still…Logan? Dieing is NOT an option!”

Here comes Thom on horse, gets off, gives Logan the horse and tells him to go, he’ll blow up the bridge.

A sense of sick desperation wells up within me. “The group needs us both. Go back, Thom. Please.”

He meets my eyes, and pulls the sleeve of his tunic up to his elbow. A bouquet of purple-black bruises mottles the underside of his arm (the poison).

“I’m a walking dead man, Logan. Let me die with dignity. I want my life to count for something bigger than myself.”

“Thom,” I whisper. My throat closes, and my eyes burn.

…”Your life already counts for something bigger than yourself. I couldn’t have come this far without you. You’re a hero. Even before you blow up this bridge, you’re a hero.”

*ugly sobs* Oh Thom. Theses people used to think Logan was scum, an outcast of dirt on the street no one liked. Here now was Logan, a revered leader who was admired and respected unto death. This moment hit the “feels” a bit there.

Tab #4 Oh freaking chapter 40 *weeps into sleeve* Why? C.J. Why? (turn away if you don’t want to know who dies…)





I didn’t expect this but yes…I cried in this part. My heart clenched and my throat tightened. I felt Rachel’s pain…her best friend. The girl with the big heart who loved Rachel. Rachel who is difficult to love–she says–was loved whole-heartedly by Sylph. Since they were children, they were inseparable. The memories Rachel reminisces on as Sylph slowly is dying and OMY-freaking-LANTA, Smithson! Ugh! Poor Smithson–her husband. He’s by her side, weeping, stroking her hair. *quivering lip times ten*

I am seriously welling up tears here going over text for you guys! *takes a breath*

“Oh Sylph.” I breathe her name out and the pain rushes in. A knot in my chest sends bright shards of hurt into my veins with every heartbeat…

…”Please,” Smithson whispers, and Sylph tries to smile.

The rag can’t contain the blood. It gushes from Sylph and coats my hands…

…Her lips move, but no sound comes out. I don’t need to hear the words, though. I know Sylph would spend her dying breath telling us she loves us.

“I love you, too,” I say, and stay pressed against her.

*wails ugly sobs* Four pages of this moment and scene developing to Sylph’s last breath. Rip my freaking heart out! It was such a beautifully told moment of loss. I felt it as a reader and as Rachel. Man…that was such a tough scene. Well done, C.J. *wipes tear*






Logan…was..born…in…ROWANSMARK? And his parents aren’t his parents?! His mother, whose death he has carried with a fire and need for justice within him…wasn’t…his…mother?!

Here are these two nerdy old men talking about maps and gibberish and here comes the one from Lankenshire, Darius, just walking right up to Logan and telling him with such conviction,

“We both know you were born in Rowansmark.” Darius’  words linger in the air between us, and I frown. “You’re mistaken. Now abut Hodenswalk and Chelmingford–“

“It’s uncanny,” Darius says, leaning forward as if he wants a closer look at me. “You have Marcus’ eyes, but everything else look like Julia.”


I was completely taken off guard by this. There was NOTHING that led to someone figuring this out. Holy Guacamole. What the what? Rowansmark is THE enemy. That already, not cool. Telling Logan the woman he thought was his mother, killed by the Commander, is not his mother…whoa! THEN, he goes off revealing about the “lost McEntire boy”.

So much unravels from this, leading to Tab #7…the other PLOT TWIST! The revelation of whose been leaving those cryptic messages in Logan’s tent or stuff since the beginning.

Tab #6 Ok, I laughed out loud here…The best line that has ever come out of Quinn’s mouth. Then the truth about Quinn’s motives revealed…

This was hilarious but also felt SO out of character for Quinn. All this time, I never found him capable of pulling off wit like this but I will happily ignore that and enjoy the scene. It was hilarious.

All along, Quinn has acted crush-worthy in regards to Rachel. His over protectiveness towards her, always being there for her and THEN, helping her break through the mess in her head to the point she’s sobbing on his lap…and then Logan walks in. He asks for a word with him outside. Rachel’s too weak in her hospital bed to run after them before Logan kills Quinn. *laughing*

I turn to face him. “I don’t know how to feel about you right now.”

His brow rises, but he remains silent.

“On the one hand, I’m incredibly grateful to you for saving Rachel’s life. It almost cost you your own. I don’t know how to repay that.” I realize I’m advancing on him, and make myself stop halfway across the room. “On the other hand, I want to kill you.”

And here’s the most random thing I would’ve ever thought Quinn would say and I loved it.

“You’re welcome. And please don’t.”

I wasn’t expecting it, stopped reading and laughed.

Then they go back and forth, as Logan tries to settle this issue of Quinn being in love with Rachel.

“You love her. I get it. And because you do, you’re the perfect person to protect her. But if you think you can just…” I choke on the words. On the image of Quinn’s arms wrapped around Rachel while she snuggles against his chest. “I respect you. Don’t make me have to hurt you.”

His mouth drops open. “You think I’m in love with Rachel?”

I stare at him for a moment as the anger slowly fizzles and confusion takes its place. “Well, I did until you just said her name like that.”


They later go back and find Rachel hanging off the bed in attempts to have gone after them. *chuckling* That was good.


Ian’s the punk leaving cryptic messages of atonement. Ian’s the bastard who slaughtered I don’t how many young boy guards in cold blood. Ian is the *angry keyboard flail* sdsfoewhfewfosabfa who poisoned the marked killing the one I mentioned above that I gave options not to know in case you didn’t want to know and read it first *heaves* IAN!

He has been working with the Rowansmark trackers, he’s Marcus’ son who is seeking revenge–he calls it Atonement, pfft!–he’s…he’s…LOGAN’S BROTHER! And trying to KILL HIM!

What the WHAT!? The ending to book two escalates tremendously and I was in shock at everything that unraveled.

Why C.J.? Why August for Book three!?

And last….

Tab #8 A little “FEELS” to carry us along as we wait for the continuation unto completion. I have been personally told by C.J. through twitter that there will be MANY FEELS in Book 3 *hugs pillow & squeals into it like a thirteen year old at a OneDirection’s concert*

So they need to face some foe. Now that Ian’s evilness is revealed, it’s time to END HIM! Rachel’s still very weak and her arm is injured. Logan needs to help her put on the Dragonskin thats like this ha-mazing lightweight but strong armor. The only problem is that she is not wearing an undertunic. Awkward moment with Adam there. He “um’s” his way out of the room, leaving Logan and Rachel alone to do this.

He finds a pretty sleek undertunic and needs to undress her of the tunic to then put it on. She’s turned around away from him and he promises not to look at anything she isn’t ready for him to see. Oh the feels.

I’ll leave you curious enough to want to read it. Let’s just say, he digs him fingers into her hips and tells her, not asks her to “Walk away. Please.”


That’s all folks!

I didn’t intend for this to be so long. I’m working on different ways to put these out there. I like the Memorable Tabs but need to adjust the first half more.

Either way, the point is sharing the read! Hope you all check this one out! You should…look, Johnny Depp did (ok, no, it’s actually an edit someone created for C.J. but still)

deception johnny depp

Happy reading!

<3, D Marie



7 thoughts on “Book Talk: Deception by CJ Redwine

  1. Love your ‘book talk’ 😀

    I haven’t read either of these in the series though.. so I guess I’m excluded.. *wails*

      1. Yay!!! Inclusion!!! 😀

        Lots of exclamation marks!!!!!

        Yeah, the spoilers were fine. I’ve trained myself to know when to skim over anything that I might not want to know in full, you know?

        *shakes head* my brain is so addled today.

        So you would definitely recommend this series? What would you liken it to?

      2. Exclamation marks are my friends-always approved!

        Wow, very nice. You’re brain is better trained than mine. ha!

        I havent read a lot of fantasy, my usual go-to is Dystopian, Post-Apocalyptic. There’s fantasy with futuristic elements such as Under the Never Sky but this series it’s a post-apocalyptic fantasy with a Medieval era setting & yet, it is later mentioned how this is set FAR into our future because they find an old Ferris wheel and buildings from the past (which would be our current present). I have read that people who liked Graceling, this would be a next pick for them. I have Graceling-haven’t read it yet but have heard countless goodness about it.

        So depending what you normally gravitate towards in your YA reads, if adventure, fantasy, set in Medieval times (cloaks, tents, swords, a “Cursed One” monster) peeks your interest, then definitely check this one out!

        I ship Logan and Rachel hardcore! 😉

      3. Oooh! I really enjoyed Graceling, and its counterparts, so this is probably for me.

        Cheers me dears! 🙂

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