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book talks vs book reviewing
photo courtesy of: PerpetualPageTurner’s blog

I touched a little bit about this in this post but I really am not enjoying the book REVIEWING thing anymore but I love TALKING about books. I know my reviews are very conversational so it’s not like it’s going to be a HUGE change but I don’t want to look at it as reviewing anymore. I never started this blog to REVIEW books but just to talk about them! I just need to figure how I want to go about this change to book TALK vs book REVIEW blog. Will it include a format change? WHAT WILL IT LOOK LIKE?

Hey everyone!

So once again, I have come across another blog post that has inspired one of my own. I love the YA community–as I have mentioned countless times–and with that also comes the Book Bloggers and Book-Tubers. The image and quote above is from (twitter handle) @brokeandbookish Jamie and her blog post: Top Ten Tuesday

In this post, she mentioned how she was going to focus for the New Year, on shifting her Book Reviews to more Book Talk posts. *light bulb*

Since watching Book-Tubers on YouTube, I’ve heard the term “Book-Talk” before, but in my mind, I figured it was just another term for Book Review. Today, the light bulb of understanding flashed above my head like those SIMS (simulation XBOX/PS3 games) indicators over your created SIMS head.

There IS a difference!

This small epiphany was important for me because it helped me distinguish what in fact I, not only desired but more “fit into” when it comes to book blogging.

Here’s the thing…I do not feel qualified, skilled, experienced, or connected enough to be deemed worthy to Review a book. I feel with that, comes a certain formality and responsibility. I also feel pressure that I am expected to critique a book. Who am I?

I don’t feel comfortable critiquing a book. I have come to learn, the more I have immersed myself into this YA/Avid Reading Community, that “there is something for everyone”. That is the beauty of books and storytelling. Not everyone is going to enjoy the same things. Everyone has different desires and taste in what they look for when they crack open the beautiful pages of a book. Everyone has different expectations going into a book. Even ten people, who pick up the same exact book, desiring to read it, will have ten different expectations, needs, and desires from this one book. No two opinions of what they got out of the book will be the same. Even those who agree of said “take-away” will still have experienced the same book differently.

In any entertainment industry occupation, there is much competition, politics and business 4-play that dominates it. Those within the industry, who are connected and know the people “up” there, have been taught to play the game and like with every artistic outlet, you get high school or salon gossip every time. No avoiding this reality.

Of all these industries–though it is still prevalent here as well– I have connected with and appreciated the YA book community. By this, I am mainly focusing on the authors, agents, editors, publishing houses, etc. They are very welcoming.

Everyone has a story to tell. Everyone has their own path on how they will express and portray that story. Some are writers. Within these writers, some will be fortunate enough to get their story out there for many to partake in.

The Point of This Tangent:

Book Reviewing is hard. Critiquing formally, someones story isn’t an easy task, especially when others will come across this critique. I do not feel apt to do so. Now, what I CAN do, is go off on random tangents about something I just read that I feel like sharing. I love TALKING about a book. Even if it’s me going off about something I wasn’t maybe fond of, *cough Allegiant cough* a Book Talk post is my own random opinion. My own insignificant thoughts that no one needs to feel the need to agree with. A review feels like a STAMP or SEAL declaring what a book was or was not. I know tons of book bloggers who do an amazing job at this. I have come to realize, as of now, it’s not the outlet I’m interested in tackling. I tip my hat to all you amazing book bloggers out there who review–you all are awesome. You do it well and consistently.

So, I am here (Thanks Jamie) to share that all further posts on books, will be more Book Talk than Book Review. So let’s get popcorn (Kettle Korn or White Cheddar for me, thanks *winks*), kick up our heels and have some fun fangirling, or fanboying over some books!

photo courtesy of: http://www.newyorker.com

Happy Reading everyone!

❤ D. Marie

7 thoughts on “Book Review vs. Book Talk

  1. This is interesting because I didn’t know that booktubers call what they do as book talk (or maybe it’s something else they do in addition to reviews? I couldn’t quite tell what you meant)! I’m going to have to investigate bc maybe I can piece together what I want to do because I don’t quite KNOW what it is that I want to do. My reviews are very conversational and not really review-y in the sense that I’m super critical or literary so it’s not like I’m super formal but I just get this feel like I want to be less of a REVIEW joint and more just free book TALKING joint..just a big free for all. I have NO idea what this looks like and how I will make it different from what I do now. No idea. Is that bullet points? Lists? Just shorter “reviews”? AHH I DO NOT KNOW. I just know I want it to FEEL different.


    1. Here’s two book-tubers I feel represent each side of the coin. You have “The Readables” http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCWAtADn9MGtTmace0M4nT2g
      I feel hers are book reviews that get rated at the end.
      Then you have XTINEMAY http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOkc2PP2lPDUMLg0p6rGGDQ
      And she calls hers Book-Talk with XtineMay
      Her book talks seem to be more the feel of “Her sitting with her friend and fangirling or going off on a fun tangent about how she felt about book”

      My “Reviews” were more non-formally conversational posts as well, cause well, I write how I speak I’ve been told. I can’t help being conversational in all my blog posts.

      I felt pretentious calling my book blogging “Reviews” simply because of me, and what I feel is a lack of knowledge, literary understanding and skill to “Review” something. Calling it a “book-talk” relieves some of the pressure for me to just ramble. I want to attempt the “sitting for coffee with a friend fangirling” approach to these book-talks now.

      For me, I did something in the last one I really liked. I’m waiting to see how it responds. I tab memorable moments in the books I’m reading now. I had listed those tabs squealing and sharing those moments. (Under the Never Sky “Review”)
      I feel with book-talks, I can be more spoilery. That could be just me. I’m also still learning and researching.

      I’m excited to see what you do. I love the look and feel of your blog 🙂


  2. I dunno… I think some of the best and most valuble ‘reviews’ of books come out of those that love to talk about them.

    This is really interesting comparison. It’s given me a lot to think about, especially with my own blogging practices.. hmm..

    *strokes imaginary beard*


    1. I definitely agree. Of course, many book reviewers approach it their reviews in many different way. Some more formally, literary wise and others, more conversational and then there’s everything in between. I think, more than anything, it feels as though I’m taking some of the “literary” pressure off myself by doing this. I love Book Reviews! I just believe I’m not that great at them, yet. haha

      I’m glad it got you thinking though. That’s what someone else mentioning it did for me. (Though they’re thoughts and view on it were different from my own)

      btw, That is one fantastic beard you got there. Kiddos on the length 😉


      1. I know right? It’s better than Gandalf’s 😉

        There is a cerain pressure to properly dissect a read when you’re ‘reviewing’ it I think. It can be hard to get across how much your enjoyed something when you also have so much to nit pick.

        (Also, sorry fpr any typos, im eating a callipo while typing..)


      2. Gandalf is most definitely jealous! 😉

        Wow, careful there with that Callipo lol

        And…agreed! 🙂 Hence I’m getting all dorky with this thing now-making it coffee chat themed. Pressure be gone! 🙂


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