Reading Weekend! Sick Day Blues

sick-girl-p2p4jxSo it happened again…


*waves fist at germs…then at body for not fighting it better*

All day, I have been in complete denial, trying to be productive. I got dressed (against my body’s will), even ventured out for food and coffee, came back, plopped my laptop and writing bag downstairs (away from the bed or cozy room) and sat there…staring at computer…distracted with YouTube videos but still hopeful to get some work done.

A few dozen sneezes, sniffles and coughs later…FIVE HOURS PASS…Nothing. I have done absolutely nothing! I finally gave up. I got all my stuff, went upstairs, got into PJ pants and got all cozy in bed. I had plans to venture out in this RARE beautiful weather we are FINALLY having (Sorry North East Coast for your sufferings with snow storm) cause it NEVER seems to get cold here these last few years. We haven’t had a decent winter in South Florida since 2009. No really, I am being completely serious. That was the last real winter we had. There was frost on cars, snow flurries and everything!


Circa 2009-Visiting Home for Christmas Vaca-Frosted Windshield.

Where was I? Right! Nice weather. I was raised and brought back by fate to the WRONG state. I hate heat, I hate Summers. My seasons are Spring and Fall! Could I go out gallivanting? NO! This stupid head cold was determined to ruin my life. Yes, my entire life!

Anyhow…So I have a problem. It’s called Procrastinating. It’s bad. It’s been a huge problem for as long as I can remember. What makes this say problem even worse–yes, it gets worse–is that I have moments of severe guilt due to lack of productivity which in turn causes me to over analyze and think and plan but never actually get to doing anything. So in the end, my anxiety level sky rockets and I get nothing done.

Wonderful. *sarcastic scowl*

I came upstairs, finally accepting that this head cold beat me and I need to just go up and rest, and still my mind was reeling. I reached for my planner. I needed to schedule the next few days. I need to continue outlining my book. I need to write out the scenes I’ve jotted down on my phone. I need… *breathes heavily*

I spent the last few hours watching Book-tubers talk about books they’ve read.

Suddenly, a moment of freedom happened.

I’m sick, and it will probably take, at this rate, a couple days to fully rest and recover. It’s the weekend.

I knew what I was going to do!


I will not worry about writing, applying for jobs, freelancing social marketing, outlining, errands, nothing! I am sick anyway. It’s the weekend anyway.

I will allow myself, without any guilt, to just spend the entire weekend reading!

That’s huge for me. Publicly putting it out there helps me–subconsciously–to feel free, and not let the guilt to be “productive” and not procrastinate overtake me. I’m going to just read. I want to just read. Now, I’m letting myself do just that, without all the other mental crap getting in the way.

*blows nose on tissue-freaks out thinking it was last tissue-looks in box-relief sigh*

There were more in there. All is well in the world.

So YAY! I’m spending the weekend reading!!!


So just wanted to put that out there. I needed to make it public, feel accountable to not freak out and just enjoy reading and getting better this weekend!


Happy Weekend everyone and stay safe, all of you dealing with Snow Storms! Take advantage and read!

Here EPICREADS has you covered for Snow Days! Want a Wintery Read?

20 Winter-Themed YA Books

Stay Warm and Cozy…unless you’re like me in Florida…in that case, BLAST THAT AIR CONDITIONER!

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