2013 Good Riddance! Hello 2014 Resolutions! Part 2


*champagne glasses clink*

“Here’s to realistic Resolutions!”

Part two of Good Riddance 2013 is the Resolutions part…which, let’s face it, is the only reason most of y’all came and took a peek at my ramblings.

(aww, you’re interested in my personal rambling from Part 1? There are TWO WONDERFUL blog post links to two bookish ladies who inspired it there…Here’s PART ONE <~~~)

Today, EpicReads posted a list of YA authors who shared with us their 2014 Resolutions in regards to reading and writing. Most of them are exactly what I settled in my brain only…they said it better. Here’s the link to the entire blog post

New Year’s Resolutions From Epic YA Authors

The first one, of all of them, that stood out to me was from the adorably awesome, Jodi Meadows:

jodi meadows resolution

“Stress less, and daydream more.”

Oh dear, if you were brave enough to read Part One of this blog post, then by goodness me, you know, this sums up my desire for this new year best of all!


Resolution #1 is my health. I have a series of minor issues–I say minor because there are others who live in hospitals and are dying, I am not, and need to remember that I may have health issues but others are dealing with far worse. Even my brother, he is diabetic and suffered brain injuries after a car hit him at thirteen (he’s now 36 & still suffering from certain ramifications from it). I chose to stop living as though my body was already dead. My issues–since I was 13-15 is when it really began till now–are a severe hormone imbalance. Your hormones control your entire body. If they malfunction, the rest of the body malfunctions. How? It differs for every person, body. They can cause other organs to malfunction. My thyroid was recently confirmed unhealthy. There are other diagnoses we were suggested to check out but have not due to lack of finances and insurance. Symptoms of fibromyalgia–extreme exhaustion, muscles, bones aches, migraines–severe upper back issues due to also a straight off-balanced neck-lack of curvature. When your hormones are not aligned, it can also disturb your emotional state-deep depression, etc…

I have spend years seeking treatments (natural, medical, crazy man from Tibet and his remedy–I am so not kidding–acupuncture, etc) and nothing has worked. I have gone done a dark hole, losing hope that I’ll ever be free of this. One lady I spoke to who gave me some insight and advice one day said…Just start walking. Just do that. It can’t hurt.

I need to shake off hopelessness and just do something consistently and simple for my health. I’m going to start walking, hopefully at least 5 days a week. I hear there’s this thing called, “Writer’s Butt” *laughs* and apparently, I don’t want that. Writing all day, everyday can do a number on you–lack of healthy activity–and a number on my back. Sorry VR authors (VRoth & VRossi) there is no way I see my clumsy self being able to master the Treadmill desk anytime in my near future.

I already drink tons of water daily. It’s a habit my body grew accustomed to when I used to Dance back in Middle and High School.

Food–well, I tend to forget to eat, till 3 in the afternoon, running on just a cup of coffee. Then when I eat, it’s late at night and it’s carb-y Hispanic food (rice, well-seasoned meats, fried plantains, and toasted Cuban breads with butter and garlic…yeah…so not healthy) *grins thinking of nom nom food-pats belly*

If there is one thing I can attempt to do, it’s Walking. So Walking I shall!

Blog More:

Resolution #2 Blog Book Reviews more

Now that I have Black Stallion 2.0 here (my new laptop), I have been more consistent with blogging. As a Resolution, I would like to blog Book Reviews more. I admire all the cool blog sites out there who review books, have giveaways, and cool widgets, graphics and such–hence Publishing houses hook them up with ARCs for reviews–but I must be honest with myself, I have no idea how they do it. I don’t have the skill to make my blog site look any cooler than what WordPress offers me at it’s bare minimum. I wish I could. Also, my reviews definitely are not formal and are just personal opinion ramblings. I would like to observe more book reviewer’s blog posts and improve mine for sure. That’s another resolution.

Write Book:

Resolution #3 Write my book in progress and finish it. I’m in the process of outlining my 3rd Draft-but new Concept so now it’ll be the 1st Draft to the new Concept that birthed as a 3rd concept/draft all together…make sense?

This is absolutely a biggie for me. I have spent the last 6 months diving into all things I could writing. Meeting up with authors for advice, attending SCBWI Writer’s Critique groups, writing workshops, buying books on Writing, studying them, searching author blog’s writing tips (Thanks Jodi (Meadows) and VRoth for your shared wisdom!). I wrote a 67,000 word Draft that was almost finished and chucked it because it wasn’t going to work. I made a decision to run after this and that’s what I’ve done. I’ve already had negative days, defeatist days, days where I thought I was naive and stupid for thinking I could do this, abandoning my MS for a week or two, then returning and falling in love all over again, despite the odds.

The journey ahead I know will be just that, a journey but I am willing. I love stories, I love characters, I love giving language to their feelings, actions. I guess you could say, the things that I could never say or express verbally, in person, I find that outlet in and for my characters. I give them a voice which in turn, gives me a voice–whether I can actually relate with their situation or not. Well, cause…how would I know what living in a dystopian society 75 years into the future, with restrictions I know nothing about or using technology I made up in my head?

Reading and Writing is Home to me.

Attend Out-of-State Book Festival:

This year, I want to meet so many other YA bookish friends that in South Florida, well, it’s a YA bookish desert down here. I want to fangirl in person with others who understand. I will attend a Book Festival! YallFest? Austen Teen Book Festival? Who knows, we shall see!

Spend Quality Time With My Family:

Resolution #5 I don’t see myself staying past this year in Florida anymore. I don’t know where and what awaits me, but I do know, it’s time to move on from this state, which in turn, sadly means, I will have to part from my Mom and Brother and family here. My beautiful mother is my Rock. We got through this difficult year together.

mom and me NYE2013

Mom, Bro, and Me New Years Eve 2013-Hello 2014
Mom, Bro, and Me New Years Eve 2013-Hello 2014

She always assured me, that no matter what, we have each other. During my year of being lost and broken, she never blinked to support me, love me, guide me, sit back saying nothing when I needed her to not try and fix things, then come in and hold me when I cried myself to sleep some nights. The days I was on a tantrum because I was a 29 year old, soon to be 30, living back home with Mom, no career, life having no direction forward but she never saw it like that. She would rather me crash into the waves violently here, at home, with her, than out there–alone and lost. I love her more than I will ever be able to put into words, or express to her. I am grateful for her, who she is, who she inspires me to want to be. I am truly lucky-blessed.

Parting from them, to venture back on my own will be very hard, but I know it’s coming and it must happen, so until then, I need to appreciate what I have now, and enjoy it, cherish it. My other brother’s unexpected death taught us not to waste valuable opportunities with loved ones.

Find Financial Means:

Resolution #6 and lastly…Find Financial means to support myself. I am soberly aware that writing will not support me. Even if I stuck golden luck and sold a series to a big publishing house (let’s just pretend for a moment, or dream), it won’t last forever and one day the lull will come and I’ll need to pay bills and eat again by my own means, well, not through writing in other words…I need to find what that is, that will allow me to still focus on my desires–Writing.

Hmm...*drums fingertips on chin* I need to find a rich husband *chuckles*…but really, that would help. *grins*

Well there it is folks! We have come to the almost end of this VERY long 2 part New Years 2014 reflection and resolution post!


Yes, almost, because now, I’d like to share some of my favorite Resolutions from the authors EpicReads interviewed from the post above. Enjoy everyone!

Wishing you all the best new year full of true love (friends, significant others, family and more), lots of courage to be Brave and dive into adventures, and Hope to spring you along towards goals and dreams.

Thank you again YA community for embracing me and my weirdness. Thank you for being my friends.

erin bowman 2014 resolution

katie sise-stop editing while writing so much

madeleine roux resolution
I can do this again, now that I got Black Stallion 2.0 😉
hilarious..and YES!
hilarious..and YES!

CJs resolution 2014

Happy New Year Everyone!

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