Winter Break Reading Slump


Reading Slump? Who’s with me?!?

Omylanta. What. In. The. World. Is. Wrong. With. Me? I blame the Holidays. Holidays 2013, you are to blame for my busyness, my distractions, my exhaustion, etc…Yes…holidays…I’ll blame you.

But for real, I do believe the season is what’s bringing much distraction from our beloved hobby of living, breathing need…reading.

Apparently (and thankfully) I am not the only one. Others are feeling the slump as well. Since Thanksgiving, there has been a significant HALT on all things books…except buying them of course. My TBR grows and grows but making a dent in them? Not so much. *exhales*

It’s crazy too because I am ridiculously excited to read many of those beautiful books at my bedside that are waiting to be read, and yet…nothing. Why? Well, what usually has been happening is, throughout the day, I’m running around, prepping for something, catching up on sleep on the days I can and come night time, where I can cozy up to a book…I’m exhausted. I’m beyond the point of “tired but if I pick this book up, I’ll magically be energized for the next few hours reading”. Nope. My eyes won’t have it. They. Are. Done. for the day.

I’ve had moments here and there where I can bust out thee book (yes, I meant “thee” not “the”) and catch up.

i.e. Carwash

“Really Google!? No reading selfies at all of someone inside their car during a carwash?” *groans* “I knew I should’ve taken the picture…but I was reading”.

In Line at the Store

Again…a google image fail. How are there not more pictures of people reading books randomly in places like these?

Waiting in the Drive-thru…this was the best image I could find on Google…


You know what this means? People don’t read books!!!! We need more people, reading books…shamelessly! *chuckles to self* but for real. Moving on.

Any-hoo, I’m ready to break whatever it is that is funk-a-fying my reading habit and getting back into gear before 2014 rolls in!


Yesterday was the first attempt. Now, it may not have been a complete success but I believe it was a step forward in the right direction. So, I found one source to the problem…Hallmark Christmas Movies. Oh, how my weakness from November till the 1st of January every year is Hallmark’s 24/7 Christmas movies. I. LOVE. THEM! I will be so sad to see them go come New Years. My television pretty much lives at that channel and no other during the Holidays, especially since all my favorite shows (on other networks) are on Winter hiatus.

I’ll get home–tired–and turn on Hallmark. My attention becomes very limited for anything else. Last night, I got home and did not turn on the television, at all. That was helpful. I was able to get productive. I had planned on reading at the end of my productive trip but it was not so. As you all know, I FINALLY GOT A NEW LAPTOP! Did I introduce you all to him?

Black Stallion

black stallion 2

Technically, he’s Black Stallion 2.0 –I had this while ordeal with the place I got the computer at. I had to return it, exchange it, issues etc. Let us not relive it.

*sings* “Isn’t he lovely? Isn’t he beautiful?”

Well now that I feel back in action, I’ve been catching up and pre-planning blogs and feeling as though I have a grip on a portion of my life again. Man, what did we do before technology was what it is now? You know, before even beepers? (Any one old enough knows what I’m talking about)

So, alas, I did not read again last night, but made steps toward the goal.

I want to get back to that place where I am feeling that kindred spirit with Belle!


Have any of you been suffering with “Reading-Funk-Slump-itis”? The symptoms include an emptiness forming in your soul, desire to read but can’t seem to do it, mind failing to grasp anymore than a chapter every so often, lack of OTP feels and more. If you are experiencing some, or all and other symptoms pertaining to RFS-itis, please see a specialist immediately.

I suggest a book-tuber, or an Epic Reads Tea Time episode to inspire the need to escape into a certain world, and invade the lives of Main Characters, living through them vicariously.

No fine print during the making of this PSA.

End of “soundbite”

Happy Holidays and soon to be New Years to everyone!

Happy Reading!

<3, D. Marie

3 thoughts on “Winter Break Reading Slump

    1. After two months, I finally broke it…but it took me getting sick as a dog, stuck in bed for days to finally pick a book up and devour it! lol Whatever works. I’m back in the groove. The Holidays, again, I blame. It wasn’t helping. May you find the light outside your rut! 🙂

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