Birthday, Laptop, Christmas Party, Oh My!

It’s Here!

black stallion 2013

“Isn’t it lovely? Isn’t it beautiful?”

Six months…six LONG months of waiting, wishing, and hoping. Months of attempting to save, pick up an extra part time which then failed. Six months of finding other means to continue writing, missing the long nights in bed on a laptop, or going to a coffee shop, sitting down and writing for hours…Six months and it finally happened! As my birthday/Christmas present, I was given a brand new LAPTOP!

Vane named him “Black Stallion”. It’s very sleek and black. It came with the new Windows 8 which is bizarre and at times a pain in the butt to become accustomed to. I’m not entirely fond of it, but like with everything else regarding technology especially, I’ll get the hang of things with time. I had posted the picture above on Instagram. It had been so long and felt even longer since I was able to sit on my bed, all cozy, leaning back on pillows with a laptop on my lap to write. I was just not meant to write at a desk all the time. I believe I’m more of a 80% cozy spot writer-20% desk writer.

Here’s My Update:

I have felt M.I.A lately but I am sure, you all as well have been busy with this holiday season. It’s incredible that Christmas is already 3 days away. I’m still processing 2013, so this whole “Oh, it’s Christmas time and 2014 will be here in a week and a half” kind of freaks me out.

I’m sure I dont need to go into how excited I am about having a laptop again. My own computer where I can keep my private data, and the freedom to write again. I’m excited as well because I feel I will be able to be more efficient and productive now–New Year Goal!

My Birthday:

I was due on Christmas but came a week early. I love this time of year–usually. This year, it has not felt like the holidays at all. This year was the big 3-0. Let’s just say, I was NOT eager for this day to come. Honestly, I wanted to skip it and pretend it did not exist. My family, of course, was not having it and so, on went the celebration.

I’m grateful for one of my bestie’s in town who knew exactly what I needed that day. In the morning I was surprised by a good friend who arrived with my favorite coffee and a ginormous birthday balloon!


As I was getting ready, the in-town bestie kidnapped me and took me to lunch.

vane moi 2013 bday

We went to what I have always called Bahama Mama.

bahama mama bday

bday drink 2013I had a yummy Pineapple-Coconut Martini.

After lunch I was surprised and taken to the movies. Now, I know to most this may seem minimal and a normal weekend occurrence for you and your fam & friends, but to me, the movies have been a luxury I have not been able to indulge in. It had been forever since I’d been to a movie at the theater. More importantly, I had yet to see Catching Fire.


So, to Catching Fire we went! At first, the next showing was too late so we decided on Thor 2 which I also really wanted to see. Then Vane said, “Let’s do both back to back”. Done! Thor was first and then Catching Fire.

My day was already made. I’m a simple old fashion gal. Movies, Books, & Coffee. That pretty much sums it up.

The evening ended with Coffee venture then surprise dinner and cake at home. It was a great day and I only had a brief reality about turning 30 freak out-breathe into a paper bag-moment. Not bad.


Once in pjs, all cozy sorting through gifts, my day ended with some major fangirling! It was a great birthday.


Divergent movie clip! Heck to the yes! Four and Tris Tattoo, Kiss scene! Oh, and I saw the Divergent Trailer in the theater for the first time during Catching Fire…HA-mazing! Sometimes, anything new released about Divergent is too much to handle because I instantly become impatient and want it to be March already!

epicreads book cheer 2013

After fangirling, I caught up with Epic Reads Book Cheer episode that was going on while I was watching Catching Fire. I was trying to still participate by randomly tweeting and hashtagging, wishing I was watching live. It was both hilarious and dramatic as my phone was dieing during my attempt and the previews were almost over, Catching Fire was about to start any second. It didn’t work (haha) but it was fun watching the episode as the finale event of my birthday.

YA Community Moment:

bookstore ya grove

The coolest and cutest thing happened. I was Christmas shopping the next day and went to visit my old bookstore. (sad update: I’ll explain later-I no longer work at the bookstore but continue to stay connected with them) I was looking through the YA section and while there, a young lady (stranger) came and cheerfully said “hello”. Next thing you know, we spent 20 minutes talking about books, series, Allegiant emo feels, recommendations, etc. You would have thought we had known each other for some time.

It reminded me what I love about the YA community. There is this wonderful connection we all have. We can come together–complete strangers–and suddenly; instantly connect, bond and remember, we’re not alone on this crazy fangirling/fanboying lifestyle. All ages, personalities, suddenly connect on a deep, personal level because of stories/books! It was hilarious and awesome.

Christmas Parties:

barefoot ministries christmas

I love my extended family. Today was an ugly sweater Christmas party at my niece and nephew’s house. The ugly sweaters didn’t end up making an appearance but the night was epic! We had a feast, dessert, gaming time (Beyond 2 Souls), the men played Dominos, we sang, we danced, kids opened presents and we conquered the night.

I love my family and am grateful to all be together this year to celebrate the season.

Sama and moi Christmas 2013


kids christmas 2013

Final Thoughts:

I hope everyone is having and will continue to have a wonderful Holiday Season. I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of writing. Now that I have my own space and tool again, it’s time to get back on the bandwagon. I’m sure the next 2 weeks will be hectic with the Holidays but once 2014 comes along, I have plans to be more consistent on Book Reviews, and finishing my synopsis to start my new draft.

I’ll be writing my review–finally–on Mockingjay next as well as my impression of Catching Fire film. (stay tuned).


<3, D. Marie

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