Catching Fire…Oh Yeah

Catching Fire



Okay, seriously? Why did it take me so long to read this series? I believe when the movie first came out (Hunger Games), I was in my reading slump. Then, as you all (who’ve read my rant after reading the first book, Hunger Games) may know, seeing the movie first, then later on, finally reading the book, kind of messed up the book for me. The pace felt slower and dull because I already knew what was going to happen. I applaud the movie for that. Other than the last few pages of the book, the movie was pretty true to it.

I LOVED the ending of the first book. I loved it more, because I didn’t see it coming, since the movie didn’t show those details. The movie didn’t need to, they did a good job. For me, it was an extra bonus to enjoy, which saved the series for me. I was now in “need” *grabbie hands* of the next book.

Having learned my lesson from this first experience, I bought the second book and determined myself to read it before watching the second movie, “Catching Fire”.

Allegiant by Veronica Roth came out right when I was in the middle of reading Catching Fire. Of course, Catching Fire had to wait. After the mourning period for Allegiant was over and I regained my sanity, I finally picked up this book to finish it. Last night, after a LONG day of writing, I picked up the book and told myself at midnight, “You are going to finish it.”

4:30am came around and I now “needed” Mockingjay in my life, ASAP!

I was excited for the movie already, Oh my, was I excited. Now, after reading this book… excuse me for a moment… *kermit flails*



I loved the second book. This book has made me a Suzanne Collins fan. So much happened in this book, that by the time the Quell Games began, that alone could have been a book on it’s own. I love how well rounded everything felt. She touched everything. Gave you intentional encounters with everyone you needed Katniss to interact with that left you feeling satisfied by the end. Let’s just say, I needed more Gale in book one. I wanted to understand him more. I wanted to understand his relationship with Katniss more. I needed to understand her and her reasons for most of her inner dialogue within the first book, and the second book gave that to us.

The ending, I will NOT spoil for anyone, but let me just say…Nicely done Suzanne Collins. Again, I am in “NEED” of Mockingjay, now!

The movie posters make so much more sense now. I can appreciate them in a whole different way, where as before, I just thought they were pretty or cool. They did an amazing job capturing key themes and moments within the book through these movie posters.



The movie stills are great as well. I can tell they stayed true to the books again, which elevates my excitement levels for this movie.


I am so glad they cast Jennifer Lawrence for this role. I don’t believe another actress could have done the role of Katniss justice. I wish Josh Hutchinson was just a wee bit taller than her. I can’t help but laugh a bit and hope his shortness doesn’t translate much in the film.

In book one, I was team Gale. Now in book two, I’m team Peeta.

*small SPOILER below…look away*:

I fell in love with Peeta during the interview before the Games with Ceasar. When he busted out the “pregnancy” bit, I was laughing literally out loud. I couldn’t believe he did that.

*End of Spoiler*

I love how protective Peeta was. In book one, he was protective but it was a little boy protecting a girl he likes. In book two, I felt he grew up a bit and became more wise. Casting a character can affect the character in your head. Since I saw the movie first, Peeta was now Josh Hutchinson in my head. I’m not personally attracted to him and he looks like a little boy, especially in the first movie. That ruined Peeta for me a bit. Then in book two, I was able to look past the actor, and see the character Suzanne Collins created, and I was suddenly now on his team.

i couldn’t rate book one, because like I mentioned in one of my blog posts (Hunger Games: Movie before Book Impression) watching the movie before, ruined the reading experience for me. This book I will say, even if that hadn’t happened; movie tainting my book experience with the first one, I can still say, Catching Fire is my favorite book of the series thus far.

I give this a

*****5 out of 5 Stars! *****

So there it is. My impression of Catching Fire the book. 4:30am people….I was up till then finishing the book. I’m exhausted *chuckles* but it was well worth it. On to the next read! *bursts through doors like a boss*

Happy Reading and Writing to everyone, this fine November day. I hear it’s “cool” outside today. I live in South Florida. It becomes a big deal to us folks here, having a “cool” day and all .

Let us end with some more Catching Fire picture goodness shall we?






8 thoughts on “Catching Fire…Oh Yeah

  1. I wasn’t really excited for the movie, but your review has me feeling it. I did think that Catching Fire wasn’t as good as Hunger Games, but I like you review. Have you picked up Mockingjay yet? Or will you wait before the movie is released to read it?

    1. Thanks for reading. 🙂
      I haven’t picked it up yet. I would like to soon. I don’t believe I can wait another year before finding out how it will all end, especially after that cliffhanger in Catching Fire. My bookstore boss mentioned something that has me weary of reading Mockingjay, but I’m ignoring it and pressing on.

      1. Definitely ignore it, but also don’t read reviews on it. I can’t say anything more than that though. I’ll be looking forward to your review. 🙂

      2. Good advice, will do. Oh boy, prepping the *feels*. Can’t wait to get my hands on it. I already splurged and bought 4 books. I may need to make my way to Target or somewhere and pick it up soon.

  2. I didn’t find Catching Fire as good as Mockingjay. My re-reads of CF have made me more excited for the movie. I’m seriously contemplating a midnight screening. But Mockingjay is my favorite of the 3 books.

    1. I haven’t read Mockingjay yet. I need to get my hand on it. 🙂 Now, I’m definitely eager to experience it soon, it being your favorite of the three. Oh, the anticipation! Nov. 22nd! 😀

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