Books, I’m Sorry.

I had to reblog this because frankly, I couldnt have said it better myself! Change the housemates, and university for my new Bookstore + Cafe job training, long first week, too exhausted to think when I get home and pretty much, its right on the money. I too promise Books to come back to you real soon! Missing my reading and writing time 🙂 On the bright side! I’m one paycheck closer to getting my laptop (among many other more important things)

It's me, Charlotte.

Reading, this week I feel we have been distant.

Reading, this week I feel I may have neglected you a bit.

Reading, this week I feel you haven’t been a main focus in my life.

And this post is my apology.

The introduction of university, housemates and flourishing social life has led for my reading habit to vanish into thin air. To be fair, I carry my current around, with intention of spending a spare five minutes but I am always busy, with others. I can’t just curl up and get engrossed. I’m so tired before bed, one chapter and that is it. No half books before bed. And I strongly believe the introduction of my wifi and tv has killed this reading star. Bad referencing. I know.

Although I do sort of fear that it may be because I can not get invested in ‘The Death Cure’. But this…

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