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Week One at a Bookstore

Join me today on this Day in the Life tour of a Booknerd in a Bookstore!

Booknerd in a Bookstore

Booknerd in a Bookstore248036_568185236547526_682626884_n


Hey everyone! Many of you will be trailing along from my other blog and many of you may have just stumbled across my little booknerd world here by accident. To all I say, “Welcome”!

So, I had mentioned getting hired at a local bookstore (remember to read “Disclaimer: About” page -This is a personal blog that is not affiliated with the bookstore) and the idea of working there made me ecstatic…here, let me count the ways:

1. Books! I get to be around books, talk about books, learn about books and discover new books coming into the store!

2. As an aspiring author writing her first young adult novel, the atmosphere, the knowledge, and the possible people you could meet make this opportunity ideal!

3. Coffee…Oh dear, if you read my other blog, you will know that I LOVE, adore, may be…

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Desiree Marie is a writer, majestic entrepreneur, and blogging demigoddess. She is rumored to have been birthed from the ashes of the phoenix, though we all know that’s silly–she’s clearly a unicorn. Her hobbies include sleeping, reading, sleeping, writing, sleeping, laughing, and sometimes sleeping. She’s also involved in a torrid affair with coffee. Don’t try to steal her man or she’ll cut a bitch.

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