Calling in the Troops! YA & South Florida

Calling all YA lovers, Come in YA lovers in South Florida!



I am combining Blogs here! This Booknerd from this Bookstore needs your help!

Some may have checked out my new blog site about my new part time job at a bookstore and my first week’s documentation which I’ve sent out already.

check it out here: http://booknerdinabookstore.wordpress.com/2013/10/03/week-one-at-a-bookstore/

In a cute and artsy part of town, lives this bookstore and cafe. See, I’m on a mission here! I desire to awaken the hunger and love for books within Young Adults and Children. The younger, the better and vice versa.

Here’s the other mission: Get young adults and non-young adults to come out of hiding and join the community of YA lovers everywhere! Specifically when it comes to South Florida, the younger generation is being pulled in every which distracting, city life direction, other than…reading. I think we can change that. Why do I believe we can change that? Well for one, I was one of those kids and two, at my adult age, there was a time when I was still numbing my mind with hours upon hours of non-stimulating activity and not feeling inspired by books at one time. I have always loved books, and though I did not grow up reading, I constantly went through different seasons trying. There was something missing though. I couldn’t find that spark. When I was younger, I went through my R.L. Stine, Goosebumps books, then as a teenager, Nicholas Sparks books and got through those pretty quickly. When I was a teenager, I never knew a genre existed for me. Then I got older and adored the classics, especially all things, Jane Austen, Regency period or period dramas. (Little Woman, The Bronte Sisters, ect)

Then recently, just this year, I got bit by the bug. I had read YA, not knowing it was, well, YA (Young Adult literature). The little I eventually knew only connected with Vampires and Werewolves so I assumed that’s what they all were about. Paranormal Romance (which at the time just did not catch my interest and had this shameful stigma on it for adults).

Right, the bug bite. Then one day, I read by accident, Divergent by Veronica Roth (and you all know the story from there. I’ve written about it so much, you all might be sick of my talking about it).

My point is that even at my age, I got hit with the bug that re-inspired my love for reading and jet-propelled it full steam ahead! I believe that for the younger generation. I desire that cupids bow to the butt experience that awakens their fan-girling, fan-boying senses and changes them forever! *tweeting birds, and happy river stream sounds, with the dancing howling of the wind*

So Why Do I Need Your Help?

I need ideas!

I want to reach the YA lovers of South Florida and bring us together into a book loving community full of bookish activities and fun at the local Bookstore in the Grove! The problem is HOW?

Epic Reads was kind enough to spread the word through a Retweet asking if any of you out there had ideas. This is a great bookstore, great variety, great location, great cafe and front deck which features local author reads, live music, author signings and more. The Young Adult lovers haven’t found their way there so I want to one; bring awareness, and two; gather us and raise the hype through events.

For Example:

ALLEGIANT BOOK BIRTHDAY PARTY! The books have been ordered and it would be wonderful to gather all you Divergents in South Florida for a Book Birthday Party!


So if you know of any ideas on how

one; to locate and call to arms all the YA lovers of South Florida


two; ideas for the bookstore incorporating any and all things Young Adult literature, ect.

There is plenty of activity through social streams. The Bookstore has the usual: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and a website & newsletter.

Find them here:


Hopefully, through this type of activity, we can encourage new people and spark the reader within them!

Thank you for joining my mission!

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