Want Your Life to Be a Book? Unrealistic Hiccups

1706248833Ah, do you ever read a book and daydream about living out those exact scenarios, character’s lives, have Tobias/Four embrace you in his fear landscape, or Captain Wentworth hold your gaze, torturing you before a kiss?

Of course you do! You’re a reader aren’t ya?

Happy Monday folks! This was not the planned topic for today but I randomly got to thinking about this and thought it would be fun to share while wondering if I’m alone in these thoughts.

So many times when reading a book, or watching the movie adaptions to books, I as well go off into la-la-land and daydream of living these lives instead of my own at times; completely normal.

Many times in these daydreams while reading I come across some very realistic questions that quickly remind me it’s not just movie magic that gets away with things, book magic too!

What do I mean by this, you may ask? Well haven’t you asked yourself,

“Umm, so if she’s wearing a tank top the entire time while in the middle of nowhere, how does she never need to shave her armpits, or if she’s wearing shorts, her legs? They magically stop growing during the duration of her outdoor adventure? She jumped in that water, got out and never had to worry about the frizz ball her hair would become when dry…”


Oh, and girls (Sorry guys) but do these girls NEVER get their menstrual cycles?

*laughing at my own rant here*

Now let’s jump into Classic daydreaming ladies. (Jane Austen era)

I came across this web series on YouTube about modern day people signing up to participate a few months in a documented lifestyle in the Regency era. It’s like Downton Abbey but in real life dinner theatre style. They did not know what title or lifestyle they were going to be given and had to adhere to every realistic restriction of that time period. To say the least, some were very unhappy with their results.

Some examples:

1. No eye contacts, so you had to wear old manufactured spectacles. One of them was a maid and the heavy cleaning responsibilities made this an inconvenience.

2. The family chosen to be the wealthy group to be served had the luxury of a weekly bath with clean water in the tub. Those who played servants needed to wait to use the tub to bath but here’s the kicker…they had to use the same bath water the family did. Um, gross.

3. Don’t get me started, as a woman, on the menstrual cycle issues…yea, gonna leave it at that.

4. Up before the crack of dawn (the maids) to vigorously clean, barely no sleep, no breaks.

5. Bathroom situations…not even gonna go there.

There’s just a few. I need to recap on the webseries because I know that was a lot more that made you go, “hmm”…

It was interesting because I have dreamed of that era for as long as I can remember. I have always wanted to attend the Jane Austen festival in England because everyone for the entire length of the festival dress as in the area, attend balls and all. Watching this documentary slapped me with the reality of living in that time period, especially as a woman. Though I love to dive into that world in books and movies for a time, I am also very grateful to be living in the 21st century. Though I will say, there are lost aspects of those days I do wish never died with it *cough cough* gentlemen! *cough cough*


Can ya blame a girl for wanting to disappear every so often.

In the end, its good to remember; disappearing into the world of books is absolutely lovely, wonderful, thrilling, amazing, heart-wrenching, adventurous as long as we remember that these ventures are not real life (Even the inspired by real-life ones) and there is an actual life worth living once the book is put down.

I just laugh thinking of all the times I’m reading and stop to ask myself, or the book one of these questions.

“If Katniss was a hairy beast who they waxed head to toe, how did she look in that dress her mother had with them legs?” *chuckle*blog katniss shave

These book-magic moments that we just accept and never question cause hey, we like our pretend world! Don’t mess with it and try to ruin it with them “Realistic” questions? Pfft! Sheesh! Well, these moments remind me they are just books, and I will not be, and can not be Tris in Dystopian Chicago with Tobias’ arm around me or Anne in Regency era of Persuasion with Captain Wentworth gazing into my eyes hoping i understand his meaning without words. Once the book gets put down, real life awaits…and well, what does Des do?

She goes back to her computer to live more make-believe by writing her book “ha ha ha!…ah, I crack myself up”


Anyway…do you ever stop reading for a moment and ask a realistic question about certain character scenarios you read? Am I alone? It’s okay, you can be honest. I’m used to being weird. *wink*

The Unrealistic Hiccups that thrust us between real life and make believe and we love it and wouldn’t have it any other way!

writesmall1-300x300So continue and journey off into the land of make-believe! Who knows what it can inspire in real life.

Signing off…

<3, Des

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