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Hello everyone! It is Friday and I am hoping to make this weekend a good one, dang it! #hashtag determined. Did any of you see that Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake video from this week, making fun of how we all use, or more appropriately, overuse #hashtags? Ha-larious!

I have been on a determined streak to stop being a brat and find a way to write. There is no excuse. Other people write entire books on their phones, if they want or have to. That, personally would drive me insane but the point is, if you really are passionate about something, you’ll find a way towards it!

I have been slacking on the writing front and need to stop. I’m working on chapter 13 which is very exciting! I sometimes sit in front of my manuscript, overwhelmed by all the scenes and ideas coming at me all at once. I want to rush ahead and write them but I feel as though I can’t do them justice until I chronologically get there. Yesterday, two new characters popped in to say hello and give me their back story. Girl and Boy performed a few dialogue scenes for me while I was taking my writing break, and TV binging. Every commercial break, I had to reach for my phone and jot down what they were showing/telling me. My struggle last night was mulling over the idea of writing two completely opposite stories at once. My other bestie quickly knocked me off that crooked tree, bringing me back to reality. I will hold that Contemporary YA story close by but continue finishing my Dystopian first draft.

keep calm write

Showing and Telling

I read a helpful blog post an author shared on twitter last week and lately I have understood it’s point more. I’m reading through my manuscript, already seeing that much will need to be trimmed for it’s final look (ouch) and I’m seeing all the possibilities to actually SHOW certain things mentioned instead of just TELLING them to the reader. Man, the revision/editing process is definitely gonna be interesting!

What I am excited about, though equally petrified about, is being accepted into this Writing Critique Group who are going to be such assets in helping me put this story together well.

In Bookish land, something cool is happening this weekend

Austin Teen Book Festival! Man, these are the times when having a long lost rich uncle who generously wants to fulfill my hearts desires, would really come in handy right about now. I need fun, cool, YA book festivals in my life right now.


Luckily, I have my first Miami Book Fair event in November coming up.

In Other News

So (yes, once again I am mentioning my awesome niece here) this young whipper snapper sucked me into an anime series I am currently obsessed about. I have not been obsessed about anything anime since my Sailor Moon days. (I was OB-sessed with that show)


Yes, I have fallen in love with this series, The Legend of Korra. I had watched the first episode of the second season, and have heard my niece endlessly speak about Avatar: The Last Airbender forever now. Well, once my interest was peaked after that episode, I binged on the entire first season in one night. Then, my temporary room mate also got sucked into it and we watched the entire first season (again) and caught up with the new season episodes.

I believe YA has allotted me the shame-free zone of being a nerd with out being sorry. To YA, I say, thank you. *tips hat*


When I “grow up” I want to be just like Korra *chuckles but is entirely serious*


I mean, look how badass she looks


And look at the cute boy she gets to parade around town with *wink*

So these are my Friday updates! Writing, Anime and TGIF, it be Friday, folks!

May you all have a great weekend full of fun and bookish reads!

<3, Des

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