a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view


It has been an interesting few days…

There has been much to observe. The people in my life are all going through different things. Everyone is living with, fighting against their own demons, each climbing their own varied sized mountains, tackling their own oppositions and peering up different height brick walls.

Some are finding themselves able to call a friend with a helicopter to get them over to the top of their mountains, the other has a cousin whose brother-in-law’s sister’s husband has (for some unknowing reason) explosives to obliterate their massive or not so massive brick wall and so on and so forth.

It’s hard to look at your circumstance that may not be at it’s best, lets just say, and think immediately of the other who has it relatively worse than you do. Floods of appreciation should bubble in your heart, bringing positive rainbows that propel you forward, past the over-analyzing of your crappy circumstance. But what if you’re not one of those natural positive outlook folk who can see their house burning, turn and smile and then say,

“Well, at least I’ve got my phone still in hand. I can call the fire department”.

Okay, I am clearly not one of those people, hence my failed attempt to present an example from their view point of life.


It’s all about how we look at things. We each have unique and different personalities that vary in temperament, communication, emotional deliverance, and just overall, how we handle different scenarios.

There’s also those moments when one has to choose which perspective to grab a hold of and dwell on. Life loves curve-balls. I’m becoming achingly aware of this in the recent months. Here’s the thing about life’s little, massive, brick house sized curve-balls…they come, they hit you, they linger, or they leave but the aftermath is still there to be dealt with and the crazy part of it all is…Life goes on.

Life has no problem, continuing without you.

Life will not be that polite friend, who stays waiting for you to stop struggling with your seat belt, get out of the car, adjust your outfit, to then walk with you inside a party. Oh no. Life is that person who you came to an awkward party with, they get out of the car and walk without looking back. They leave you alone to walk in awkwardly by yourself and fend for yourself at this already awkward party, while they make friends and forget to introduce you. Harsh, I know but here’s the thing about life…you can’t be mad at it.

Well, I mean you can, really you can, I have but… you cant, let’s be honest or you shouldn’t bother is where I’m getting at.

Here’s where choices are made and perspective changes EVERYTHING.

In that moment, when you finally got out of the car, fixed yourself and looked up to find you were alone, you had a choice to make. Either, you would be mad at Life, you’d rush in awkwardly pretending you’re not mad while frantically looking for them, and you’d be miserable and the loner or you’d change your perspective and approach the evening in a complete opposite manner, determined to enjoy the night making for a more pleasant tomorrow.

Perspective…a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something; a point of view.


Let me tell ya, this has been a crappy month, a crappy year honestly but let’s focus on this week. This week, the people around me have been going through a lot. In retrospect, I’m living like a pretty, flowing dandelion taking in the breeze while whispering the peaceful mantra, “one breath at a time” (That’s for you Therlee *wink*)

Granted…perspective. I haven’t seen myself that way and have only looked at my issues or problems, seeing them in 3-D glasses when in fact, compared to others, their actually the size of a mini 19 inch 2-D flat imaged screen TV.

Here’s the thing though, it’s difficult to play the contrast game. Just because your problems are far smaller than your neighbors, that doesnt make them any less valid of a problem to you. We all have our going-ons and the contrast game should be more of a perspective changer. There’s a difference.

Understanding your problem is valid in reality and emotion is good. Its healthy. We can not live in denial either. Now, changing how you approach or view your reality isn’t about ignoring your problem, shooing it away because you think, “Hey thats not real, doesnt exist, others have it worse so pretend, smile as you die inside and go about life ignoring the issue”…Um…No.

It’s about making a decision to have a particular attitude towards Life and gain a different point of view.

In the midst of storms and rain and obnoxious obstacles, there have been small rays and not so small, but massive rays of light that could be better focused on. Do I focus on the massive moon that has blocked the sun causing it to be dark, so now all I see and consider is sudden darkness or do I look up (metaphorically…don’t look up during a solar eclipse, please and thank you.) and choose to focus on the beautiful ring of light around the moon that slowly reveals more rays promising that light will envelop us again?


Why the psychological babble? Well, because writing is a release for me and perhaps my own pep talk to clear my mind’s rambling thoughts and roaring emotions may serve someone out there some sort of good-why not?

I just had something amazing happen to me this evening. I also had a small victory that brought a flutter of joy. With that, I also had some annoying, irritatingly crush-my-hopes circumstance happen tonight. My emotions were heightened toward the negative aspects of Life and then…a choice had to be made.

Whether you, or I even believe that positive energy and thoughts or negative ones are a source for what you surround yourself with or not, it does go to say that if anything, at least choosing one or the other will and does affect our emotional thought process which can give way to a more peaceful day or a miserable one.

I had, or still do have a choice to make. Whether or not will I change my perspective on Life. Today. Tonight. All in preparation for my tomorrow.

Dreams never consider logic.

(Logic has two meanings: first, it describes the use of valid reasoning in some activity; second, it names the normative study of reasoning or a branch thereof)

Though I have a few dreams and have began pursuing them again, I need to consider that I’m not a teenager who can parade in and out of reality until I fulfill these constant whims of desire. Next, I need to; in my circumstance, choose one dream to pursue. The one I am choosing is not due to it being more practical to work on while I as well run the race of adulthood grind (responsibilities, bills, ect). Sure, some things work out and some things dont, but my best friend said something to me last week.

I mentioned how possibly with all the obstacles and adversities, something in particular was just not meant to be and life was trying to inform me to stop being the poor puppy chasing it’s own tail, believing it’ll catch it.

She said,

“Screw meant to be! It doesn’t exist! (now I will commence paraphrasing) ‘meant to be’ is something we tell ourselves when things get hard and we toss ideas and dreams, give up on ourselves and miss out on opportunities and experiences all because someone told us or convinced us since infancy that when too much opposition comes against you during a particular goal, then that is Life saying, MOVE ON, DO NOT PASS GO, DO NOT COLLECT $200!”

Which she continued expressing was a load of crap. Smelly, vile, crappy manure. (Sorry, too much)

This is why there aren’t more Joan of Arcs, Albert Einsteins, Nikola Tesla’s, Batman in the world! 

We’re all probably capable for greatness but give up when it gets hard, or people get mean, or rejection seems ENDLESS. Then we chuck it up to “It wasn’t meant to be”. I am preaching to my own choir here peoples! (I have a choir of crazies living in my head…some normal…most not.)

Anyway…Perspective. (I figure this whole rant will sound more intellectually and psychologically sound if I keep making cool singular statements using this one word…I’m sold. You? No…eh, that’s ok, if you’ve gotten this far, I already feel like a winner) *wink + winning smile*

So life sucks sometimes! So what! We can either wallow in it, like mucky, tar water we’re jacuzz-ing in OR we can understand that really, things could be worse or maybe not, what the hell! Let’s change our Perspective anyway and choose to make tomorrow seem brighter. Look at them purr-tty rays of sunshine around the darkness, slowly exposing it’s essence till all we are is blinded by it’s luminous brilliance. By not changing perspective prior to the sun’s beaming self returning to it’s regularly scheduled program, we could miss the appreciation of it’s brilliance. All we’ll still see in it, is the darkness, long after the moon has gone.

Alright…I believe I have made my point. Wont beat the horse anymore…Is that the saying? Why is that a saying?

Well, thank you for “listening” and hope if you needed a perspective inspection, that this helped somehow. I hope I listen to my own advice and appreciate the possibilities of tomorrow, putting aside the obvious adversaries and choosing another scenery to gaze at…the one a little over to the left…No, my left…a little more…



Or if you like city…


and my favorite…


Happy Reading, and Living and Loving of one another and ourselves!

<3, Des

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