Coffee…an attempted Poem


Let me count the ways…

The aroma that fills my nasal passages sending baby unicorn smiles through my insides

My eyes, they open

The world is set on pause due to your lack, my empty hand, and decaffeinated belly

Without you I am not right, I am not me


But the moment comes where the silk thickness of your roasted brilliance pass the threshold of my lips

And life begins to dance in promenade along my taste buds

An Austenite waltz commences, Oh to be united each morning


The beauty of what you are is that you’ll never break my heart

The barista might, by getting you wrong because they have no pride in crafting the perfect cup

but their incompetency is not your fault, sweet nectar of dark goodness


You awaken my senses, you give me a pleasant spunk that makes me now approachable

to the human race

Oh, what a pair we make

One day, our song-filled sweet smells of freshly ground beans will glide through the air

meeting him where he sips simultaneously

You will bring us together and we will make coffee-addict babies that will rule the world and rid it of bad baristas

*light chuckle* I kid, I kid. If that were the case, Italy would have rid the rest of the world already for their poor attempted replicas


You are all I need, every passing day

to function, to drive, to pass the time away

Coffee guy may break my heart and say one day, “I’m giving up caffeine”

and in utter horrified disbelief and disgust, I will walk away

knowing the robot apocalypse has just invaded his brain, making us star-crossed lovers

who will never be

But I will still have you, Oh Coffee


So let us engage in each passing day

With a book in hand, and you, Coffee, tickling my senses

Let us run around this world, in full blown stupidity, not caring who sees

We are one, we are…complicated

But I wouldn’t want it any other way

<3, me

-An Ode to Coffee


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