Back in Action: Writing

am writing concoction

Forget what I look like! I’m writing again!!!

*dance party breaks out, horns and cirque du soleil acrobats come from out of the sky, through the roof hanging from silk ribbons that were threaded from double rainbow unicorn’s saliva in heaven, Aladdin’s Genie breaks through with the same procession he honored Prince Ali with-it’s a glorious celebration*

“Okay guys…guys, back into Genie’s bottle. Acrobats, thank you, thank you, much appreciated.”

Who says I was ever in Drama?

Once I reformed my Perspective (previous blog post plug) I made a choice to figure out how to make things work in the meantime. After much neglect, first, from performance anxiety (previous blog post plug #2) then from obnoxious inconvenient circumstances, which I allowed to hinder my writing. My characters have finally met. I’m still in the word vomit first draft process which means, I need to  stop beating myself up here and just get all these ideas out of my head already!

I already have the gist of almost every scene in Book one, now, all that is needed is the meat, and fillers that cover the skeleton.


I avoided starting this chapter for so long, that once I sat down and did, two pages flowed naturally. We truly are our own worst critics, enemy sometimes. You allow all the insecurity of not being able to bring these characters to life, doubting your ability to tell the story to get in the way. You mull over these enemy voices in your head and start actually believing they just might be right.

You (hypothetical you, actually talking about me-sheesh! “ME, Me, me!” ) back away slowly, removing your fingertips from the keyboard…RIDICULOUS! It’s your story and their your characters, your best friends, your lovers, your confidants…who else to tell the world for them,

“Hey, we’re here, listen!”

Its been a whirlwind of two weeks and I refuse to neglect their voices any longer. They’re loudly in my head sharing their emotions and circumstance.

I feel like The Neverending Story here. I’m Bastian being asked by the Empress to bring them to life, give her a new name!
(I was obsessed with that movie as a child)

What helped this burst of determination I bet had to do with an email I received that left me stunned and silent for many hours after reading it.

I had written a certain author, asking boldly if they’d be willing to meet up with me for a chat, where I’d hope to receive some guidance. I wrote it two weeks ago knowing it could be a long shot and left it at that. It was hitting the two week mark and I thought, realistically, that it was just not gonna happen. I thought, “hey, at least I put it out there and tried.”

Welp! They wrote back!

Not only did they write back and give me already some great advice, they are willing to meet up which flooded my little heart with joy!

I feel so honored, they’d take the time out of their schedule to do so. It was a definite encouragement to get my butt off my hands and get to writing!

Just wanted to share with you all that I’m back in action!

Back on Track! 

<3, Des

My Epic Reads (@epicreads -Twitter handle) girls! The awesome-ness deserves… SQUID HANDS



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