Today…I’m a Zombie


Have you all seen that new Sprint commercial with Laura Spencer (from The Lizzie Bennet Diaries and recently seen in Switched at Birth on ABCFamily...wow…major plug there, her Publicist should compensate me for that one) *wink*

I kid, I kid…well, I mean…if they want to…I’m ok with that…anyway!

If you havent seen this awesome commercial, never fear! I will post it on the bottom.

So, I’ve been M.I.A. lately (I always think of Miami when I see that and clarify “outloud” in my head –yes that makes sense, trust me- “No! That’s Missing In Action silly” who do I speak to when I clarify it in my head? Hmm…never know, but someones definitely there)

I’ve had a bumming for days lately. Theres a lot going on near my neck of the woods (you know, the really personal stuff boundary you do not cross and share with the world wide web) and my hopeful getting a new computer venture has also been a major fail. One major fail after another. Because of this, I havent been able to one; blog as often and two, the most heart breaking part; writing was taken a SLOW AS MOLASSES take to the back seat.

My ‘feels’ have been all over the place about this.

The bummed out of sorts days even had me vegging on television, completely ignoring my books. It was like they were a reminder of my hindrance to write and so I took it out of the poor books.

Last night, I decided to make amends. We hugged it out and all is well, no hard feelings. How did I hash this out you may absolutely NOT be asking?

Well yesterday I got that jolt of book love when I opened my mailbox forgetting I had ordered a book last week from Amazon. (plug…seriously, these people should pay me for this *chuckle*)

There was a book! I was on my way out, grabbed it, opened it at stop light (safety first) and beamed with excitement. Which book was it? (I would’ve beamed with excitement for any book really but yea here it is)

Selection_EliteThe Selection by Kiera Cass and the second book of the series is The Elite.

So I went to a drive thru. The line….was…endless! So, with my foot firmly on the break, I entertained the time away with the first two chapters of the book. I was definitely curious. The funny thing is I was excited about a certain part of her journey due to this hilarious Epic Reads (@EpicReads -twitter handle…if you like books, if you like YA-Follow them) barbie puppet show they did, explaining The Selection in 4 minutes on YouTube. Oh yea, this you all have to see… (I couldn’t embed the video into the blog post so the link is below…trust me, you want to see this-it’s HA-LARIOUS!)


I’ll write a review on the book later.

I got home, ate, and watched Under the Dome (ready for plug) on CBS at 10pm Mondays *wink + winning smile*

Then off to bed I went. I grabbed the book and continued reading.

(For the record, yes, I did start The Fault in Our Stars and plan on finishing it soon. The thing was that I’ve been bummed lately and didn’t want to add to the bummage with a heart-wrenching book, you know? So I went for light-hearted, romantic and fun.)

I continued reading and …reading and…dang it! The light began peering through the cracks of my not so tight pleaded window blinds. It was 7. In. The. Morning! I read the entire book. Lets just say, I liked it…alot! I’m sitting here with my last $20 asking, “Food or book? Coffee or book?” I want to run to Barnes and Nobles (only book store I’d find it right now) and impatiently buy The Elite…NOW!

Then I sigh, and think. “Uh, Des…you should spend those $20 more wisely…just saying” Darn inner Momma voice; practical wisdom Pfft! 🙂

So, the moral of the story is…that today…I feel like a Zombie. Well, that’s not moral, it’s more just the gist of my rant. I feel like that guy up there, zombie growling and groaning. I’m half asleep, no energy, body hates me right now but…my mind aint mad at me.

So I got my reading stride back on and am finding ways to still write. I need to write. We need to not allow obstacles to stray us away from what we want. Hard is just part of the package deal. If you want it, find a way! Truly, where there is a will, there is a way!

Happy…is today Monday?…no it’s Tuesday, right? Ugh…Okay, I need coffee…Now!

Have a great day everyone!

Happy Reading, Living and Loving!

<3, Des

Oh wait…Zombie commercial…right!

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