Wanna Write a Book? Hard Time Starting?

Someone last night sent me a comment. It was about midnight. After I pulled my hair out about my computer issues, I decided to spend the rest of the evening, hopefully finishing the book my niece wanted me to finish: Soulbound of the Legacy of Tril series by Heather Brewer…except…it’s been a year and nothing yet on the second book coming out…


I mean, really? Really Heather Brewer 😉


::intense stare down towards Miss Brewer::

(also, review to come!)

So I finished the book, flipped frantically back and forth last page, making sure it really was the last page, because it seemed IMPOSSIBLE that it could be and I, in my head and heart, tossed the book across the room. DONE! *hands raised in surrender*


How could she end it like that!?!?! Ahhhh! Anyway, what was suppose to be my relaxation unto slumber, after the drama from earlier that evening, I then said, “hmm, emails?”  checked my emails one last time and saw some notifications from the blog (“YAY!” it really makes me happy to see those)

So this lovely lady (whose blog you would find here: http://whisksbooksandcrayons.wordpress.com/ Check it out!)


Want to write a book but having a hard time starting.


Now, I laughed, because, as I mentioned to her, I didn’t know if that was an invitation for me to give any input or advice but I felt suddenly inspired and decided to do so, hoping it was welcomed. (again, apologies, if that was not the intention) Here’s what I answered, and I will interject here and there to add pizazz! OK, pizazz? really Des? Any-how…

When I had set it in my mind, that I wanted to write a book, and I knew I was really serious about it, it took some time. I knew exactly what she meant by the comment. I could remember the many evenings (because that’s when my mind sparks creativity; never fails-darn nocturnal nature!) I sat in front of my computer hoping it would just happen. I waited, thinking of possible concepts but nothing stuck. I didn’t want to force it because, what would be the point in that?

One night, through a casual conversation with a one of my besties, we were joking around about something and she mentioned an idea as a joke. Instantly I told her,

Ohhh that would make a cool book concept”

to which she replied without hesitation and all sincerity,

“Then you should write it…”

Those words lingered in my head and I contemplated the possibility which seemed outrageous at the time. Even though I had set it in my mind that I wanted to write a book, I thought myself crazy for even thinking for a second, that I could pull it off. I liked creative writing and have written for years, but I was not your stereotypical Literary writer. I was completely insecure of my ability to have my words on a page, not be a laughing stock to the authors, writers, reading community.

I took the idea and put it on a shelf. A week later, I thought to have finally gotten hit with a concept. I researched it some and waited for that moment when it all would come together, and the writing would begin…nothing. A week after that, the concept my friend brought up came to mind again and I began getting all these ideas. I reached over for a notebook and started writing them down. At first, I felt guilty almost, because I already had a concept. I couldn’t just jump into an entirely new one already. I thought it was just me, once again, never finishing something I started and getting whisked up into a new shiny toy.  But, I couldnt deny it! The ideas were there. I filled a good 10 pages of notes in my notebook and wondered if it could work or if it was just dumb.

I shared it with my bookish teenage niece because shes a YA reader so this is her genre, who better to judge? (& then two other literary trustees after that)
That day she gave me the confidence and even fueled some ideas that got this ball rolling. That evening I went home and wrote the first three chapters (the first draft of the first three chapters, cause already, they’ve changed some)

All that to say, if you are wanting to start writing a book, awesome! I love the writing community! Needing new books, wont get old. People read all the time and are constantly needing new stuff to read, so the opportunities are endless out there, I believe, (she says optimistically) for us writers of all genres!

First things first: Do you have a concept?

No? Thats ok! Dont force it, it’ll come to you. *WINK*


Yes? Great! Dont be scared to share it with someone you know, who cares about you but also would be relevant to critiquing your writing and concept, tell you the truth.

I was terrified to share any written works throughout the years. Some, my bestie read, many, no one ever read. Finally I found the courage to bring this to someone and now I cant stop wanting to share it with people. (currently, I just sent it to my Mom, curious to know her opinion as some one who does not read YAlit-Young Adult Literature)

Those conversations may just be what you need to give you that writers-cupid spark in the butt I’ve mentioned before!
Then, you just have to go for it. Set time aside, as best as you can and be diligent, even when you don’t feel like it. Once the concepts are there, great, the rest will come. Also, remember, the first draft, is just that; the first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to enjoy it and love it, imperfections and all!

It really is like a relationship. You have these characters you’re getting entangled with. You’re being driven by the opinions and thought views of your narratives and you make hard decisions on occasion such as: a dear friend, backstabbing your beloved male lead in the back, or even crazier, perhaps you chose to kill say, best friend off right when they redeem themselves…ugh! the feels! *wink* Nonetheless, its been an amazing journey that definitely requires patience.

So good luck writers and have fun delving into the imaginary worlds in your heads, breathing life to them from “pen” (or ink) to paper! (or computer document…you know what I mean)

Thanks lady for your comment which helped inspired this blog!

Happy Living, Loving, Reading

(Oh! I switched it up on y’all, did you see that? eh? …no…right…off I go)

<3, Des

5 thoughts on “Wanna Write a Book? Hard Time Starting?

    1. Indeed! You are very welcome! Thank YOU for inspiring it! Didn’t know if you wanted to be publicly mentioned or not, hence I kept you vague haha 🙂 I may need to jump in there and sneak in a shoutout then)
      …hmm…waaaaitttt a minute…so I just realized that I ASSUMED from the picture, you were the girl but now I see that you could also very well be the guy in the picture…Um…which then would call for a definitely edit in this blog haha…So yea, let me know, so I can give proper credit, where credit is due 😉


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