While Writing I Need…

My Writing Process

Hey everyone…again! I wasn’t planning on writing another blog today but as I started to get back to work here, I got inspired to share my writing process so far with this book.

So the project board is back up and I noticed a pattern. It’s fairly similar to all my past writing projects. There are just certain things I need before me, in order to dive into the world I’m writing from my mind.


writing process wed
I think I blurred all the spoilers 😉

I propped my “Book One” outline board before me, behind my computer. I’m using Celtx Novel feature to write. It’s pretty cool. I’ve written many scripts using this program. It has multiple features such as, Comic, Screenplay, Stage-play, Novel, Animation; and within those, many other cool toys to aid you during your writing, creating process. The Novel feature is new and made me very excited. The main thing it features is a quick “chapter” button that instantly creates and highlights the Chapter separation from the rest of the text. On the Left corner, you then have the entire list of each chapter you created for easy access if you need to jump around. Makes it much easier than scrolling through your entire manuscript to find certain scene, moment, ect.

I momentarily minimize the “Chapter List” and give myself room on the Left for inspiration. I am a VERY visual person, hence I was in the process of Admission into a Film School a few years back but life had another idea for me, so that didn’t end up happening. Some of you may recognize those two movie stills. My story has NO relation to that movie/book/story but those two images spark a story, a moment, a characters trait, a scene, the feel of a scene for me which for some reason, really aids my writing process. I change the images occasionally, depending what scenes I’m writing. I have images of futuristic towns, houses, occupations, districts, wardrobe ideas, ect.


Next to my computer I have my iPad opened to the Dictionary/Thesaurus app. I’ll say it; I aint ashamed to need a Thesaurus! I’m trying this whole literary writer thing here for the official first time. Writing a novel is VERY different from writing scripts for stage and film.

Third & Fourth:

Of course, hydration, always hydration, especially when you’re downing two to three cups of this during the process:


Food seems to go out the window during intense writing seasons, I’m noticing. Anybody else out there feel me? Is it just me?

Five: (that should read “Fifth” …Oh well)

So the other thing that seems to be essential 90% of the time during my writing is…

music playlist writing
My Book Writing Playlist: I have this one and one on Youtube 😉

My Music! Music, but not just any; there’s a specific feel and atmosphere I need when writing. It just helps take me there. Now I say 90% of the time because, sometimes there are just those moments and scenes you need complete silence when writing.

So on my board of Book One, I have Five rows of Index Cards. Each row contains about ten cards that are pretty much scenes/chapters. I’ve written about three scenes sporadically out of order but am now trying to remain consistent writing chronologically. I want to understand the story unfolding and character building so I can give those later chapters fullness and honesty.

Right now, I’m still on the first row. I’ve written Six chapters, eliminating Seven of my Index Cards from the first row. I’ve got A LOT to write still. It’s crazy, you need to exercise PATIENCE! The scenes, the moments are there, in your head and you wish to write them all at once…like right now! But once you get into one scene, it can take a whole evening to finish a chapter. I’m in the word vomit process as well. I’m not being picky with all the grammar or beating myself up a lot. I do still proof read before ending the day cause, my goodness it’s necessary. I have come to terms that by the end of the first draft, others will then be invited in to tear it apart and make it better. Oh, boy…not gonna lie, I’m a bit scared of that process, but I remind myself its for the benefit of the final outcome.

Everyone’s writing process is different of course. For example, my bestie from another state has started writing her first YA Novel as well. I can word vomit two chapters in one day when I’m really focused and in the zone. She spends hours and gets two paragraphs. But I tell her, those two paragraphs were amazing. She’s an excellent writer, much better than me, and I can say that without shame or insecurity. I encouraged her not to compare her writing process or even writing style to anyone else. She must find what works best for her creative process. So far, it’s amazing and I’m stoked to read the future pages to come!

So that’s my writing process. Back to those pages, shall we?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy your evenings, snuggled up with a good read 😉

Happy Reading, Living, Loving

<3, Des

4 thoughts on “While Writing I Need…

    1. Im not sure if that was an invitation for advice, but in case its welcomed, here it is: (this may inspire tomorrows blog, but you’ll get the gist of it first *wink)

      I know exactly what you mean. When I had set it in my mind, that I wanted to write a book, and I knew I was really serious about it, it still took some time. Through a casual conversation with a friend, we were joking around about something and she mentioned an idea as a joke. Instantly I told her, “Ohhh that would make a cool book concept” to which she replied without hesitation and all sincerity, “Then you should write it…”
      Those words lingered in my head and I contemplated the possibility which seemed outrageous at the time. I took the idea and put it on a shelf. A week later I thought to have finally gotten a concept. I researched it some and waited for that moment when it all comes together, and the writing begins…nothing. A week after that, the concept my friend brought up came to mind and I began getting all these ideas. I reached over for a notebook and started writing them down. At first, I felt guilty almost, because I already had a concept. I couldn’t just jump into an entirely new one already.
      I couldnt deny it though, the ideas were there. I filed a good 10 pages of notes in my notebook and wondered if it could work or if it was just dumb.
      I shared it with my bookish teenage niece because shes a YA reader so this was her genre, who better to judge?
      That day she gave me the confidence and even fueled some ideas that got this ball rolling.

      All that to say, if you are wanting to start writing a book, awesome!

      First things first: Do you have a concept?
      no? Thats ok, dont force it, it’ll come to you.
      yes? great! Dont be scared to share it with someone you know cares about you but would be relevant to tell you the truth. I was terrified to share any written works throughout the years. Some, my bestie read, many, noone ever read. Finally I found the courage to bring this to someone and now I cant stop wanting to share it with people.

      Those conversations may just be what you need to give you that writers-cupid spark I mentioned once.
      And then you just have to go for it. Set time aside, as best as you can and be diligent, even when you don’t feel like it. Once the concepts there, great, the rest will come. Also, remember, the first draft, is just that; the first draft. It doesnt have to be perfect. You just have to enjoy it and love it, imperfections and all!

      Sorry, i went off and wrote a book here 🙂 Hope you get the inspiration youre looking for and get swept off your feet with the imaginary world that only you could bring to life through your writing!
      Good Luck! I’d love to hear from you when that time comes! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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