Writing Day: Friday



Happy Friday everyone! Hope it has been a great day so far and for those about to get out of work? PAR-TAY!

So Epic Reads (you know those crazy gals & team I don’t stop talking about? In my lil’ heart, I believe we’re friends…don’t judge me!) Anywho, they asked Nerdville Utopia (that’s us…I made that up…obviously cause it’s…well, special) to post on Instagram pictures of us with our books on their bookshelves. Get it? Book-Shelf-ie? Selfie? Ok!

Here was my special one and they included it as one of the many on their blog! “Yay!” *book shimmy*

So yesterday I took on a task. A task I was very excited about. Then I got home with all my stuff, prepped it, sat down, starred at the blank canvas and the blank index cards and suddenly felt…overwhelmed.  I took a deep breath and began writing my scenes and chapter outlines out. My other bestfriend came over to chat and she ended up becoming very useful. *drumming my fingertips together* No worries, she was well aware and was happy to be used for her creative brain. Plus it was getting late which only leads to deliriousness, which means?!?!

Creative juices ensue! (you have to sing it, let “ensue” linger at the end…awesome! As we were)

So she read some of my pages and gave me some good ideas and much to think about when it comes to mapping out properly Book 1, leading to the events of Book 2 and the theme to break down in Book 3. Eep! It’s almost surreal! Very exciting!

So thanks to Veronica Roth, author of YA books: *cricket cricket*

Wow, clearly we know who momentarily is my favorite YA author cause that is NOT who I meant… *nervous laugh*

I meant Veronica Rossi! Honest mistake, they’re names are SO similar and I have yet to read Veronica Rossi’s books so there is no intended offense here.

Books: “Under the Never Sky” “Through the Ever Night” & final book of this trilogy has not been released yet.

Well, she’s starting a new series and posted a picture of her mapping it all out on her Facebook page. It was this HUGE pink science board (remember those!? I never had color choices when I was in school) and she has papers, index card (of sorts) stuck on there with things written out. I saw that and thought, “Genius!” I’m a visual learner, processor so this was a great idea for me.

Recently, I’ve been writing pretty diligently. When I go to bed (somewhere in the wee hours of zee night) I’m always getting ideas and reach for my phone to jot them down, then turn over to free my mind into slumber. Then it happens again and again till my eyes finally give in to exhaustion. Then I have two writing notebooks. One; I started this whole concept with and the second, is the one I organized all my thoughts into and added new ones along the way. So I have this mess (good mess) of scene ideas, background stories and moments that I need to gather into one cohesive idea. So that is where the idea to take Veronica Rossi’s brilliant process and do my own version came from.

public series board displaySo I worked my butt off all last night on this and was pretty darn proud. So much so, I really really wanted to share with you all but needed to figure out a way of doing it, without you guys being able to zoom in (yea, I know some of you would do it cause…well…I’ve done it) and be able to see ALL the details of the Book.

So with my rinky dinky laptop and paint program I finally found a way! Using the “airbrush” feature, I just blotted out the details on the index cards…mwa-hahaha! Cool, huh? Now you all can see that I’m really taking this writing journey seriously and working hard to do my part so that hopefully, one day in the near future, I can get copies into your hands!

I have a separate board with Book 2 & 3 outlines.


This weekend my mothers company has an event. It’s a Beauty Show at a well-known Convention Center. My mother’s company deals with hair products. It’s a big event and they have a booth, stage appearances and everything. I work part time doing the Social Media & Blogging for the company. I’ll be there all weekend helping out. Those events are crazy. They suck the life out of you in three days. They can be fun, it’s just my introverted self can get overwhelmed and the little Des inside in a cute lace, off-white flow-y dress wants to run away and hide in a nook by a window facing a beautiful meadow, reading her book or writing in her journal.

It will be enjoyable though. The only thing I’m going to miss, is having time to write. I’m sure, with my thoughts organized, I will hit a nice stride tonight and not want to wait THREE days till I can continue writing again. *deep sigh*

Well, at least I have today so after I post this and link it in a couple of places 😉 I will be off to continuing my story!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! See ya back here on Monday.

Happy Reading, Living, Loving

❤ Des

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