The Writing Stride, the Run, the Screeching Halt


It’s here! It’s rearing it nasty fat head around the corner of my slightly cracked opened door and it Doesnt.Want.To.Leave!



So here’s the thing…it’s not “Writer’s Block” per say, it’s worse!


(That bastard! Laziness creeping in again)

The “hype” is diminishing. It’s a lot like “Love”…the emotional flutters begin to fade and we start to believe that’s a sign, that we dont love (insert: person, place or thing here) anymore.

Our generation is impatient, irrational and impulsive. We’ve lost the art of true love. True Love really is patient. Not one of my virtuous qualities, i will not lie.

So the moment life eases into that calm, almost running into the mundane category, we freak out.

“Uh-Oh, I’m losing interest for something. Does that mean, I need to move to the next thing that gives me that feeling I felt earlier?”

*glove slap* No! You buffoon! (not you…me…yea…don’t be mad *puppy eyes*)

That’s the problem! We move on as soon as something gets hard, or requires more work.

So it’s Friday! It’s been almost three weeks since I started my novel,  and a little over a week since I discovered what I have called, “my shiny new toy” that I couldnt stop talking about; certain YA communities ::cough cough::

I know that if I just open my novel pages, read over them, the writing will begin. The ideas are there. The wanting to bring to life all the missing links and the fun encounters between my two leads…yea, all there! Writer’s Block? Not the problem.

Things are quiet in the social media front this Friday. I have nothing to play with, you can say, which actually is a GOOD thing! *waves fist* Darn fun social media interactions!

It’s almost like watching television. I have cut back on T.V. so much it’s staggering to compare! So when my mind doesnt want to work hard or think, it has switched over to entertaining itself now with Social Media outlets.

Yesterday I stumbled across a writer who has this Tumbler blog. The title that sucker punched me in the gut because I needed it.

Writer’s Block: How to Motivate Yourself (link below)

(Hey brilliant youth out there; if you’re about to read link below, Rated PG-13 for Language: there’s some colorful language in that post-just so you and your parents know…Ok! as you were)

I love finding authors who take the time to give advice to other aspiring writers. It makes my heart happy that they’re willing to share their knowledge, experiences, mistakes, triumphs.

In the Acting world I’m used to coming across other artist who refuse to lend a helping hand. It’s all about fending for themselves in fear that helping you, may cost them an opportunity. Its a competition game. I love the writing community for being the opposite. (that I have encountered so far at least…so if that was a naive statement, my apologies).

We will always need and welcome new books! Theres plenty of opportunity to go around for everyone!  There are billions of readers in the world. (hopefully billions…maybe in the high millions) Everyone is also unique in their reading tastes and preferences. The opportunities are endless, especially for the YA genre. The YA community is so dedicated and loving, hungry for more creativity! It’s wonderful!

Sorry, I digressed! So here I am. I’m needing to break out of this icky place. I need to kick myself in the butt and get to work. Writing a novel is a LONG process; this, I am most definitely not naive on. This fact almost excuses yourself, in your mind, to not need to rush…take your time. It’s fine if you skip a few days and don’t write anything…

Whoa, whoa WHOA! Excuse me? No Mr. Brain! How dare you! I’m serious about this project! I have faith in every fiber of my being that I will finish this manuscript, it WILL  get published and people will read it! (the hope is in whether they’ll like it. I cant “will” that into being)

Insert from that blog I mentioned:

“There will come a time (or twenty) in every writer’s life when they just don’t want to write. It becomes a chore, an irritation, and the pool of inspiration has completely run dry. Sometimes it’s writer’s block, and other times it’s something else: laziness, a busy schedule, or maybe you’re just not in the mood. I hit these moments at least once a week, and most people tell me to take a break. They tell me to return again in the morning when I feel replenished. While I appreciate the sentiment, the fact is that if I did this every time I had writer’s block, I’d still be on the first paragraph of Chapter One.

In order to accomplish anything in life, you have to work through the pain. You have to push yourself to keep going when all you want to do is sit your lazy ass on the couch and watch that marathon of Catfish. I know plenty of people who want to write a book but never start one. They look at me with awe and tell me that I’m clearly much more talented than they are, or that my story is more developed than theirs, or perhaps I have more free time than they do. Whether any of this is accurate or not (though I can attest that the last option will NEVER be true), the only difference between them and myself is endurance: in other words, I have it, and they don’t.

This sort of stamina can be applied to all goals in life. A lot of people have lofty dreams, assume they’re farfetched and never pursue them. They wait for someone else to put a fire under their ass or give them the shortcut to success, and of course it never happens. The fact is, no one will ever motivate you to work toward a specific goal; on the contrary, people will tell you to quit, that you’re unqualified, that you’re delusional. Unfortunately, the only way you’re going to get anything done in life, whether it’s a book, a degree, or a job, is to work for it, and often times you have to do it alone.”

I concur…


AHHH! I know! I know! Stop looking at me like that! It burns!

Ok, ok! I’m going, sheesh!

So there it is…three weeks in a nut shell.

It began with a Stride, then it picked up into a Run and then…that freaking Screeching Halt!

Well, on to opening that writing document…

Happy Reading, Loving, Living!

❤ Des




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