Writing Day Wednesday

writing-space-wednesdayE-llo lovely people in the world of the internet. It’s crazy how the internet brings us together for different common causes. There is much about the internet I’m not very fond of and sometimes believe it pulls us apart more than brings us together but as I have ventured into the Book world aspect of social media, it is a nifty little tool to connect us hermit crab book-worming, sometimes writers together! “Huzzah!”

I digress…Anywho everyone, it’s another Writing Day for moi! I’ve been blogging and tweeting and learning the ways of Tumbler more than actual novel writing but all has still felt very productive. The last two days I havent been able to write. I have missed it. I had an Audition yesterday for a theatre in my area. It went well I feel, so now one can only wait to maybe, hear back from someone.

In the meantime I have the comfort of my books and writing my story.

Apparently I have inspired my best friend (the one whose states away) into not only checking out YA literature but also into writing her first novel as well. I actually sent her, her very own copy of Divergent by Veronica Roth. She thinks I’m sending her my copy but she’s receiving her own. (She doesnt venture much into Social Media other than Facebook and Instagram so she wont see this). I intrigued her and now she wanted to check it out and read it. I’m excited for it to arrive!


Omy! I’ve got my ginormous headphones on listening to music and OneRepulic’s “Feel Again just came on…I…cant…stop…myself!

“One Minute Dance Party Everyone!”

Whoa dont judge me by my special dance face!


That was good. Did you dance? Did ya did ya!? It’s good for the soul…

coffee and headphones

Alrighty then! Back to business…Go ahead, take a sip of your goodness in a cup (whatever it may be)…you deserve it!

Oh, yea, so as I was saying. My bestie has always been the literary writer in this friendship. I’ve always been the “creative” writer. I was nervous about taking on this feat here and then ridiculously honored (she literally made me cry) when my smart, literary bestie; who is honest to a fault 😉 complimented my writing. She knows my writing style for years. I sent her a few pages (chapters) that I had so far and she liked the new writing approach I have taken with this book so far. (Of course, I’ll need an editor later to help with the kinks and Desi’sms that clearly come out too many times within the manuscript).

I needed to hear that, especially from her. It gave me confidence to keep going, believing others will want to read my character’s journey as well.

So today, I’m chilling, gonna read over everything I have and see where it goes. Then at about 6:30p, it’ll be time to save and backup everything cause Tea Time will be coming on at 7pm, of course! Hello!

I have a Tumbler now. No clue on what to do with it exactly, but I tried today. I posted pics of the necessities I surround myself with during my Writing Time. Check it out!


Alrighty lovely people. Have a great day!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving!

❤ Des


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