Epic Reads…My New Friends!

Well…it’s a one sided friendship right now…but…yea…it’s okay!

On with the blog post!


Today, the streets are in an uproar, a good one! Flags are waiving, books are being pumped in the air (fist pump style) and the young adult bookworm community are indeed feeling the magic today! Those crazy girls and the team from Epic Reads & HarperTeen have declare today, and every Wednesday officially…


(cue in the Fireworks!) *mouth fireworks sound effect*

So if you follow me on Twitter and are not a reader; I’m sorry and not sorry. You have probably noticed me tweeting A LOT to or about books, YA book genre to be specific.

There are two awesome YA lit organizations on Twitter I’ve been chatting it up with. One is @EpicReads (<—their Twitter handle) -They are a team behind HarperTeen. (HarperCollins is one of the world’s leading English-language publishers. HarperTeen is home to some of the most exciting teen publishing.) There are two ladies who are featured on the EpicReads youtube videos which they post almost weekly. They are Ha-larious! They speak my humor. *thumbs up*

The other is @YABooksCentral (Young Adult Books Central). The online community for all things Young Adult Literature! Read and write reviews, enter to win books, discuss your favorites with friends! (their website quote)

They have a youtube channel as well. All I saw was one episode, and I was kinda sold from the start, or definitely sold by the end of video where a surprise Rap video ensured by vid host; a bookshelf full of books in the background; yea…it was great!

Now, only due to the fact that I have gone on a “Tweeting Epic Reads overload” that I am titling this blog as so.

Ever since I have jumped into researching more about the YA Book community, I have found a piece of myself. Deep, I know. I’ll give you a minute…

So! Quick background history…cue in the violin.

Since I was little, I’ve always been a quirky, weird, wondered if only I ever thought I was funny, child. Later in life I found others like me who appreciated me and it started with the Theatre Geeks! Ah, felt right at home. In my adulthood, I have close friends (I can count them on one hand) who truly know me as I am in all my stupidity and glory and accept me. *big cheesy grin* Also, because I accept them in all their specialness.

I’m getting older but I still feel like the quirky big kid that chooses not to leave or “grow up” in certain areas. So while I walked around (as one of my bestfriends would say) as the only little blue zebra in the wild; the blue zebra stood alone? My fourteen year old niece introduced me to YA Books. I mentioned to her how I was thinking about writing a novel for the Young Adult genre (not really knowing it was a genre all on its own yet). It seemed to suit my writing style more. I had only read a couple YA books (“I was Jane Austen’s Best Friend by Cora Harrison and Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors). Later she lent me a book, she said I should read.

“Divergent” by Veronica Roth (sorry, I explained this part in my last blog so you already know the “spark” that threw down this rabbit hole there is now no getting out of…by choice!) Then I went deeper to find other blue zebras and BAM!

Youtube! *twirling of mustache tip* Brilliant!



 *sips coffee* “Mmm” Anyway, I have been much obliged to these ladies for hours of laughter. I showed my niece last night some of their youtube vids and she laughed outloud a few times. I felt accomplished.

Well, on Wednesdays let me tell ya, they have these weekly book/nerd chats online. They include other readers live and have had authors as guest during these live chats.

It’s called Tea Time!

They recently changed the time of the Live chat which used to be in the middle of the day. Starting tonight, Tea Time will be at 7pm EST. (woot woot!)

HarperTeen tweeted about “forgetting Hump Day, it’s *Book Shimmy* day!” I couldnt help it! I had to run with this idea. I scanned my Instagram and a friend posted a pic of the Camel from that ha-mazing commercial where he’s asking everyone obnoxiously “What day is it?”

I took that sucker, created more space on the bottom of the image and added text! (first picture up top).

So today, Des will be joining in on her first *book shimmy* Tea Time Live chat! I’m very excited to get all nerdy and hear about books and all that jazz!

I have alerted everyone to be on the look out for

Sir Bartholomew Pumpernickel mustache you a question!

Yes, Sir Bartholomew Pumpernickel will be attending the Tea Time Chat and may have a question or two…or may just want to be a segment hog and say “E-llo” to all the lovely people. Only time will tell 😉

So that concludes my “Eek!” girly rant of the coolio people I have come to enjoy watching and chatting up on Twitter! Hope you all take a gander yourselves! Also, if you are Not a bookworming reader, may I have tickled your palette and a book somehow creeps up unto the palms of her hands, hypnotizing your eyeballs with no possible escape hatch around. Intense I know, just wait till you get gripped and sucked into the world some of these authors create!

I will now go on to write a blog about my writing day! Chip Chip Cheerio all!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving

❤ Des

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