Just Another Manic Monday

::grabs megaphone:: “Ahem…is this…Oh wow! Yes! It’s on…um…”

“Good Monday Morning World!”

Manic Monday

Ah, “do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of“…Wow, my Musical Theatre loving self crossed over there for a second. Must have been that amazing production of Les Mis I saw this weekend! “Up-Top!” (high-five)

A conservatory for young-ings put together a performance of this beloved show and met the standard of quality that truly impressed me. It was a great night. We made it a girl’s night, with dress up, dinner and all that jazz! (There I go again).

Productive News:

So yesterdays writing day turned out to be “Stupendous!” Stu*pen*dous = (is an adjective) it’s synonyms are: prodigious – wonderful – marvelous

I left my computer feeling extremely productive. It’s only been two weeks and already this whole

1. Writing your first novel (unto completion)

2. Writing your first Young Adult genre novel

has been an interesting journey full of self-discovery. I had a great pow-wow session with my best friend who lives many states away. We read through what I had so far and discussed the plot. She’s really good at making me, or anyone for that matter, truly think about their decisions, causing you to analyze the intention and the end goal of your story.

If you dont know what it is yet, her black and white nature and need to know A thru Z before she can move on with her life, will make sure you think long and hard till you have an answer to her questions.

For the most part, I have the outline of Book one mapped out. Oh yea, if you dont know already; not only have I given myself the mother of all challenges here by doing this writing-a-novel thing but I as well decided, “Hey. Writing one novel isnt a challenge enough; let’s make it a Trilogy Series!”

Ask me in a year from now if I’m kicking myself for putting up with such a task.

In all honesty, I hope not and believe I wont be kicking my own arse. If I get through this first book, I’m sure I’ll be elated and anxious to continue my character’s stories. If I’m falling for them now, imagine how I’ll feel about them a year from now?

In Other News:

(shift over to my other career pursuit) Acting!

So it’s been quiet on that front  lately since my last audition three weeks ago? two weeks ago? It feels like a month ago. Tomorrow morning I’ll have another audition with a different theatre company. Focusing on this book project I believe has distracted me, helping fend off the nerves. I don’t feel as nervous as I did last time. Granted, last time was the first time in years since I was just jumping back into the whole Acting thing.

Today I will try with every fiber of my being to stay away from my book, and focus on practicing my Monologue instead. Thankful for cell phone apps that allow you to note take at any given moment. If I have an idea pop up, at least I can jot it down and move on.

Back to Books:

So in the midst of my writing, I am equally making sure I get some reading in. Especially me being new to this genre of Young Adult Literature, I need all the genre inspiration I can get. Also, I’m wanting to stay faithful to the genre, by understanding what is expected from my future readers. (It’s a crazy idea to admit but I’m determined to be brave and positive, speaking about the outcome as a sure thing to come-why did I just give that pre-qualifier? Well, my insecurity trying to peak out a negative thought of course. ) I’ve been researching the Top YA books from the last couple years in order to catch up on what’s been out there. I found out recently about “Delirium” by Lauren Oliver.

It’s an intriguing concept about Love being a disease in this future dystopian backdrop. I’ll probably post my review on it when I’m done. Its a little slower paced than the last book I read which doesn’t mean anything bad, it’s just different. I’ve also been consumed with writing lately which is why it’s taking me longer to finish reading it.

Why I’m Falling in Love with the YA Community:

I could tell ya…but I’d rather just show ya!

Epic Reads Youtube:

Young Adult Books Central Youtube:

Awesomeness, I know! They speak my language. Specialness; unhidden, unashamed! These are my kind of people. How have I gone through my days this long without them? But i fear no more, for we are now together, in this quirky world of Books!

Any-hoo, enough of that. Have a brilliantly fantastic day people!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving!

<3, Des

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