Plot Twist! Writing a Book!

Excerpt from my updated “That ‘About’ Page” on this blog:

If anyone has been reading, you may have noticed that I decided to go back into acting. It’s been a crazy emotional journey to say the least. In the midst of audition season and then the waiting…Oh, the waiting to hear anything back; something happened.

I had contemplated for years to write a book. I like writing. I’ve written screenplays for years. Recently I started thinking, “Hey, I’d like to write for the Young Adult lit genre. I think it suits my writing style more.” After discussing it with some friends, they supported the idea and agreed it did suit me best. Well, after reading randomly one evening, a book my niece let me borrow, something changed, well, everything felt as though it changed.

Divergent from Veronica Roth did it. It’s all her fault. I blame you Veronica Roth! ::waves fist::


First of all, I fell in love with the series. (read the two books of the series in 4 days, and am now anxiously anticipating -biting my nails here, trying to find another book to forget all about the characters I have fallen in love with and their journey-the third and final book of the series which arrives in October!

::little girl scream; jump up and down in chair…re-compose myself::


A creativity sparked within me and I couldn’t stop it. It came as a flood and a couple weeks in, it’s still coming full force, spewing out of me.

I’m writing my first (unto completion-meaning, I’ve started many books and scripts. Scripts I have finished copies, books? Never.) YA fiction novel! I’m so excited. I’m loving more and more each day my concept and getting to know my characters and cant wait till, who knows, a year from now maybe, when I get to share it with all of you! So now I have hijacked this blog for possibly many things still but I may start focusing on the writing process; the emotions, frustrations, exhilaration, love, hate, fun adventure this challenging writing journey is taking me.


So there it is!

(adding a little extra now for Blog purposes :wink:)

It’s funny because I remember being curious about the YA lit genre, but embarrassed thinking, “Des, you’re too old for that. How ridiculous. If anyone knew.” I also thought most of the YA genre must only be about Vampires and Werewolf love or crazy mystical fairies or insane witch craft. Now, though all intriguing topics, they really weren’t catching much of my interest. One day I stumbled across a book that caught my eye for one very obvious reason; Coffeehouse Angel. It had the word “Coffee” in it!

::I’m chuckling to myself::

I checked it out from the library and began reading it. Though interesting, I wasn’t consistently reading it. I would pick it up for a few pages, maybe a chapter and then put it down for a week. I knew I still wanted to attempt to write a novel based on the genre but the “spark” hadn’t hit me yet.

:Time Out:

I want to mention that, my embarrassment for the YA lit genre began to dissipate when other adult authors such as Veronica Roth and blogs from adult readers helped me through the “self-inflicted shame spiral” I created about wanting to love the genre.

Check out a blog on it here:

“Why I Love YA Book as an Adult”


:Time in::

One night I remember after watching for the first time, “The Host” an idea came to mind. (I really enjoyed the movie. Just got the book yesterday. It’s on my reading list. I’m new to this genre so I have LOTS of catching up to do) I spent one evening researching online different aspects of my concept. Had some pictures of characters I could see in my head. Then, I left it alone for a couple of weeks.

Shortly after is when reading “Divergent” happened and there it was; the Spark!

A completely different idea came to mind and it had no intentions of slowing down. I couldn’t stop it. It wanted to live! It wanted to be heard and seen and understood! Two nights before, one of my best friends and I were joking about the concept. I remember saying, “Ooo that would be a great book concept” to which she then replied, “Yea, you should write it!”

So here I am, in my little writing space. What’s my writing space, you ask? Well, most days it’s been me, at my desk in my room till 4 in the morning. Today, I needed a more comfortable chair.

My Writing Space!
My Writing Space!

It’s crazy to think that one day, others; maybe you even, will be reading this book. I won’t lie, I’ve had many doubts and insecurities. I’m trying to be brave and share it with close friends and family whose opinions I know will be honest but who I trust with my fragile heart as well. The feedback has been amazing. I tend to always keep creative things to myself. I’ve always been a little insecure when it comes to anything I do, create, ect.

Veronica Roth…

(I might start sounding like a super fan or something, but the truth is, she’s the first YA Author whose book captivated me so far and naturally, I looked up her blogs where she has a plethora of writing advice. Needless to say, she’s become my writing bestie…though…she’s completely unaware of this which may sound…creepy…oh, whatever, don’t judge me! ::innocent grin::

Oh yea, so Veronica Roth on one of her ‘writing tips’ blog posts wrote about sharing it with people, getting others thoughts and opinions. So, I’ve decided to venture out of my comfort zone (but it’s so comfy! I have plush pillows, and they gather around a cute, cozy nook on a window sill next to a wall that is completely covered by a built-in bookshelf…Oh boy! I wish I had that!) so, venture out of there and share. It’s been a positive experience so far.

Today even, my other Best friend who lives states away (sad) gave me her feedback and I honestly cried. I wasn’t sure what she would think. She’s read my other stuff for years. I’m not gonna lie, I was a little scared to hear what she would think but her words encouraged me tremendously, and made my confidence soar! I love the people in my life.

Well, I’m off to continue writing…I know, I’ve been writing, I mean the Book!

Hope to chat and meet with ya’ll along the way! Enjoy!

Let’s connect on Twitter!


Happy Reading, Living. Loving!

<3, Des

4 thoughts on “Plot Twist! Writing a Book!

  1. Hi, so happy to come across your blog. Someone else who loves YA fiction AND theatre! I hope you’ll check out my Bit Players books (www.bitplayers.me). I look forward to following your progress with your novel. I’m working on the 3rd in my series now.

    1. Hey! Checked out the website–very cool! I’m definitely interested in checking out the books. Thanks for your support and bests on your writing season now for book 3! (How exciting) Theatre will always be one of my first loves and writing is my home. 🙂

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