Wanna Write a Book? Hard Time Starting?

Someone last night sent me a comment. It was about midnight. After I pulled my hair out about my computer issues, I decided to spend the rest of the evening, hopefully finishing the book my niece wanted me to finish: Soulbound of the Legacy of Tril series by Heather Brewer…except…it’s been a year and nothing yet on the second book coming out…


I mean, really? Really Heather Brewer 😉


::intense stare down towards Miss Brewer::

(also, review to come!)

So I finished the book, flipped frantically back and forth last page, making sure it really was the last page, because it seemed IMPOSSIBLE that it could be and I, in my head and heart, tossed the book across the room. DONE! *hands raised in surrender*


How could she end it like that!?!?! Ahhhh! Anyway, what was suppose to be my relaxation unto slumber, after the drama from earlier that evening, I then said, “hmm, emails?”  checked my emails one last time and saw some notifications from the blog (“YAY!” it really makes me happy to see those)

So this lovely lady (whose blog you would find here: http://whisksbooksandcrayons.wordpress.com/ Check it out!)


Want to write a book but having a hard time starting.


Now, I laughed, because, as I mentioned to her, I didn’t know if that was an invitation for me to give any input or advice but I felt suddenly inspired and decided to do so, hoping it was welcomed. (again, apologies, if that was not the intention) Here’s what I answered, and I will interject here and there to add pizazz! OK, pizazz? really Des? Any-how…

When I had set it in my mind, that I wanted to write a book, and I knew I was really serious about it, it took some time. I knew exactly what she meant by the comment. I could remember the many evenings (because that’s when my mind sparks creativity; never fails-darn nocturnal nature!) I sat in front of my computer hoping it would just happen. I waited, thinking of possible concepts but nothing stuck. I didn’t want to force it because, what would be the point in that?

One night, through a casual conversation with a one of my besties, we were joking around about something and she mentioned an idea as a joke. Instantly I told her,

Ohhh that would make a cool book concept”

to which she replied without hesitation and all sincerity,

“Then you should write it…”

Those words lingered in my head and I contemplated the possibility which seemed outrageous at the time. Even though I had set it in my mind that I wanted to write a book, I thought myself crazy for even thinking for a second, that I could pull it off. I liked creative writing and have written for years, but I was not your stereotypical Literary writer. I was completely insecure of my ability to have my words on a page, not be a laughing stock to the authors, writers, reading community.

I took the idea and put it on a shelf. A week later, I thought to have finally gotten hit with a concept. I researched it some and waited for that moment when it all would come together, and the writing would begin…nothing. A week after that, the concept my friend brought up came to mind again and I began getting all these ideas. I reached over for a notebook and started writing them down. At first, I felt guilty almost, because I already had a concept. I couldn’t just jump into an entirely new one already. I thought it was just me, once again, never finishing something I started and getting whisked up into a new shiny toy.  But, I couldnt deny it! The ideas were there. I filled a good 10 pages of notes in my notebook and wondered if it could work or if it was just dumb.

I shared it with my bookish teenage niece because shes a YA reader so this is her genre, who better to judge? (& then two other literary trustees after that)
That day she gave me the confidence and even fueled some ideas that got this ball rolling. That evening I went home and wrote the first three chapters (the first draft of the first three chapters, cause already, they’ve changed some)

All that to say, if you are wanting to start writing a book, awesome! I love the writing community! Needing new books, wont get old. People read all the time and are constantly needing new stuff to read, so the opportunities are endless out there, I believe, (she says optimistically) for us writers of all genres!

First things first: Do you have a concept?

No? Thats ok! Dont force it, it’ll come to you. *WINK*


Yes? Great! Dont be scared to share it with someone you know, who cares about you but also would be relevant to critiquing your writing and concept, tell you the truth.

I was terrified to share any written works throughout the years. Some, my bestie read, many, no one ever read. Finally I found the courage to bring this to someone and now I cant stop wanting to share it with people. (currently, I just sent it to my Mom, curious to know her opinion as some one who does not read YAlit-Young Adult Literature)

Those conversations may just be what you need to give you that writers-cupid spark in the butt I’ve mentioned before!
Then, you just have to go for it. Set time aside, as best as you can and be diligent, even when you don’t feel like it. Once the concepts are there, great, the rest will come. Also, remember, the first draft, is just that; the first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to enjoy it and love it, imperfections and all!

It really is like a relationship. You have these characters you’re getting entangled with. You’re being driven by the opinions and thought views of your narratives and you make hard decisions on occasion such as: a dear friend, backstabbing your beloved male lead in the back, or even crazier, perhaps you chose to kill say, best friend off right when they redeem themselves…ugh! the feels! *wink* Nonetheless, its been an amazing journey that definitely requires patience.

So good luck writers and have fun delving into the imaginary worlds in your heads, breathing life to them from “pen” (or ink) to paper! (or computer document…you know what I mean)

Thanks lady for your comment which helped inspired this blog!

Happy Living, Loving, Reading

(Oh! I switched it up on y’all, did you see that? eh? …no…right…off I go)

<3, Des


Why the Stalling? It Makes Sense Now

today will feature two blogs: This one from yesterday and another later inspired by a comment someone left me last night 🙂 Happy Reading…as you were


I’ve been sitting at my desk for the last hour, coaxing myself to start writing. I got all my essentials together. I set up my board, I got my coffee and water, and after a while I noticed the silence. Oh, Music, right! Put on my playlist and then sat there…and sat…starring…

I set up my dual screen of my pages and inspiration stills from movies…and I sat…and starred some more.

What the heck was wrong with me?!

I starred up at my board and thought, “am I overwhelmed by my board? So much still to write?” Then I looked at where I left off on chapter seven and…yep! You guessed it! Starred!

For the love of “vibrant green grass” what’s going on here!?

I needed to re-heat my coffee that I’ve been working on for a few hours now since I had taken most of the day to read my book; the one my niece is dieing for me to finish. I stepped out of my room to head downstairs and “Eureka!”

Warm elegant sunlit living room.

The brightly lit up hallway, with sun streaming in through the high ceiling windows, lifted my spirits all of a sudden and I literally out loud said, “Ohhhh, now I get it”. I love that my family is not phased by my random outburst. We all do it, and move on with whatever it was we were doing.

Then, a groan from within settled as I knew the solution to my problem, except this “solution” was not feasible. *scoff*

I need a change of scenery.

I need to go outdoors and greet the world, run into it, converse and see what comes. After the weekend extravaganza of the beauty show, I’ve been hibernating, regaining my livelihood. Yes, it was that crazy. Luckily when I’m not running around going to auditions, my part time job with my mother’s company allows me the comforts of working from home, or anywhere I can take a computer and access wifi. Unfortunately there’s a problem. My solution to do my hair, get dressed, pack up my book necessities and whisk myself off to another fueling location is halted drastically by the reality that…

I NEED A NEW LAPTOP! My laptop ironically is not portable. I can’t really travel with it because it has a few…issues.

My room is cozy and inspiring but after a couple of days without technically leaving it, my body is screaming for fresh air.

The other bummer is also that, this self-discovery has come just as the sun is soon to go down. I am a lover of the night. My body fights me constantly because it’s nocturnal. Sometimes though, even a nocturnal girl needs a little sunlight to revive her days.

So here I am in my conundrum. I have an iPad and a tiny mini, need nimble fingers to use, keyboard that syncs with the iPad, but when I’m in the flow, I tend to type fast and mini keyboard can’t keep up. I’m stuck!


Let us fast-forward to the next day…Today

See how zombie-like & sad she looks…yea, me by the end of last night

It’s as though my laptop went all Eagle Eye on me, reading what I had written about it and not liking what I had to say, deciding to go all bonkers and crash!
UGH! I spent all last night frustrated, almost in angry tears, pulling my hair out as it constantly beeped and flashed an error. I had plugged in mini nimble fingers keyboard to charge and it all went downhill from there! (forgive this next portion, apparently, I need to vent a little)

See, already my special laptop does not charge by itself. We replaced the battery with a new one and it wont receive it. The plug is also loose and if it pops out on its own (which it has done many a times while I was in the middle of doing something) the computer shuts off instantly. The sensor mouse pad on the laptop stopped working so I need to plug in the USB a mouse attachment.

NOW…The USB ports, both of them do not work, and are the cause of the constant beeping and error message. I restarted it. I did a system recovery of 2 days ago…nothing! Still…beeping.

I feel as crazy as Phoebe from F*R*I*E*N*D*S, that episode with the fire alarm. She woke up in the middle of the night, and it was beeping. No matter what she did, it WOULDNT.SHUT.UP! I know EXACTLY that feeling cause I have also gone through that scene! My other bestie looked it up laughing at me, but genuinely, we were hoping for some help from Phoebe on how she resolved it. RESET BUTTON!

I ran upstairs screaming like a lunatic “RESET BUTTON!” only to find out…I didn’t have a reset button. That night was full of anger, screams, tears, and laughter. Anyway, moving on…

So now, my mouse attachment wont register and I have no way of using my laptop. THANK GOD! That every night when I finish writing, I back up my novel onto a USB. (At least!)

So today’s adventures started off with me making a difficult decision. Not only for my novels sake but my livelihood. I cant do my part time job without a laptop. I travel to and fro from the office and the computer desktop I’m borrowing right now is sensitive and can’t handle the marketing documents and images I use on a daily basis…

So I went to go sell, the most valuable thing I own (beside my car which isn’t that much more valuable) my Fender Sonoran blue acoustic electric guitar…moment of silence as I show you how purr-tty she is:

185572_10150264939367611_1503135_n 205863_10150390152289768_151687_n

OK, ok, I need to stop venting with all these personal, I’m sure, you-dont-care details…

So as if my change-scenery foiled plan wasn’t any more obvious, there was a cherry-on-top that made the whole dilemma much more adventurous.

So yes…back to the point which started this blog in the first place.

If you’re sitting at your writing space feeling stuck; not cause the words aren’t there, you just feel…stuck, then perhaps it’s time to change your scenery!

Go somewhere with your portable writing device ( Napoleon Dynamite: “luckyyyyy”) that brings you a great sigh as if taking in fresh air that courses through your body…and sit down, then…begin writing again.

I’m sure, all drama aside, if I would have done so, much more writing would have spewed onto my pages. I’m almost sure of it because remembering that feeling of stepping out of my room and getting caressed by those sun rays, how it refueled my senses…oh yea, definitely would have benefited me.

So that’s a wrap on that. Wish me luck today, this weekend as the hunt for money to get a new laptop ASAP continues.

I will take advantage, using this computer to post my other blog idea I mentioned in the beginning! Happy writing!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving!

<3, Des



While Writing I Need…

My Writing Process

Hey everyone…again! I wasn’t planning on writing another blog today but as I started to get back to work here, I got inspired to share my writing process so far with this book.

So the project board is back up and I noticed a pattern. It’s fairly similar to all my past writing projects. There are just certain things I need before me, in order to dive into the world I’m writing from my mind.


writing process wed
I think I blurred all the spoilers 😉

I propped my “Book One” outline board before me, behind my computer. I’m using Celtx Novel feature to write. It’s pretty cool. I’ve written many scripts using this program. It has multiple features such as, Comic, Screenplay, Stage-play, Novel, Animation; and within those, many other cool toys to aid you during your writing, creating process. The Novel feature is new and made me very excited. The main thing it features is a quick “chapter” button that instantly creates and highlights the Chapter separation from the rest of the text. On the Left corner, you then have the entire list of each chapter you created for easy access if you need to jump around. Makes it much easier than scrolling through your entire manuscript to find certain scene, moment, ect.

I momentarily minimize the “Chapter List” and give myself room on the Left for inspiration. I am a VERY visual person, hence I was in the process of Admission into a Film School a few years back but life had another idea for me, so that didn’t end up happening. Some of you may recognize those two movie stills. My story has NO relation to that movie/book/story but those two images spark a story, a moment, a characters trait, a scene, the feel of a scene for me which for some reason, really aids my writing process. I change the images occasionally, depending what scenes I’m writing. I have images of futuristic towns, houses, occupations, districts, wardrobe ideas, ect.


Next to my computer I have my iPad opened to the Dictionary/Thesaurus app. I’ll say it; I aint ashamed to need a Thesaurus! I’m trying this whole literary writer thing here for the official first time. Writing a novel is VERY different from writing scripts for stage and film.

Third & Fourth:

Of course, hydration, always hydration, especially when you’re downing two to three cups of this during the process:


Food seems to go out the window during intense writing seasons, I’m noticing. Anybody else out there feel me? Is it just me?

Five: (that should read “Fifth” …Oh well)

So the other thing that seems to be essential 90% of the time during my writing is…

music playlist writing
My Book Writing Playlist: I have this one and one on Youtube 😉

My Music! Music, but not just any; there’s a specific feel and atmosphere I need when writing. It just helps take me there. Now I say 90% of the time because, sometimes there are just those moments and scenes you need complete silence when writing.

So on my board of Book One, I have Five rows of Index Cards. Each row contains about ten cards that are pretty much scenes/chapters. I’ve written about three scenes sporadically out of order but am now trying to remain consistent writing chronologically. I want to understand the story unfolding and character building so I can give those later chapters fullness and honesty.

Right now, I’m still on the first row. I’ve written Six chapters, eliminating Seven of my Index Cards from the first row. I’ve got A LOT to write still. It’s crazy, you need to exercise PATIENCE! The scenes, the moments are there, in your head and you wish to write them all at once…like right now! But once you get into one scene, it can take a whole evening to finish a chapter. I’m in the word vomit process as well. I’m not being picky with all the grammar or beating myself up a lot. I do still proof read before ending the day cause, my goodness it’s necessary. I have come to terms that by the end of the first draft, others will then be invited in to tear it apart and make it better. Oh, boy…not gonna lie, I’m a bit scared of that process, but I remind myself its for the benefit of the final outcome.

Everyone’s writing process is different of course. For example, my bestie from another state has started writing her first YA Novel as well. I can word vomit two chapters in one day when I’m really focused and in the zone. She spends hours and gets two paragraphs. But I tell her, those two paragraphs were amazing. She’s an excellent writer, much better than me, and I can say that without shame or insecurity. I encouraged her not to compare her writing process or even writing style to anyone else. She must find what works best for her creative process. So far, it’s amazing and I’m stoked to read the future pages to come!

So that’s my writing process. Back to those pages, shall we?

Happy Wednesday everyone! Enjoy your evenings, snuggled up with a good read 😉

Happy Reading, Living, Loving

<3, Des


Wednesday: Beauty Show & Missing YA Peeps

I’m Really Excited to be Back!

des blog

I’d probably have more of an ecstatic expression if it weren’t for how exhausted I am. That was the best I could muster up.

The last three days have been beyond crazy. As I mentioned on Friday, I was going to help my Mom’s company with  a beauty show event this weekend.

The entire weekend, my days were thrown off. The show technically was Sunday and Monday. Friday and Saturday were spent on preparation. The whole time I thought Sunday was Saturday and Monday was Sunday. Today being Wednesday has me all backwards.

Yesterday, the entire morning and afternoon, my eyelids were fighting me, trying to return to their blissful slumbered state. Finally late afternoon, I rolled off the bed, my sheets entangled to one leg, following me wherever I went. I ate, I showered off the muck from my body and headed out.

My girl and her husband were heading out to a couples thing so I was requested to come over and nanny the two coolest kids I know, my niece and nephew.

They started school now so no more Summer adventures.

2013-08-27 19.48.40
My bookish awesomeness of a niece-this whole thrust into the wonderful world of YA is technically her fault, then Veronica Roths 😉
Nicky and Moi
Her little bro, the other love of my life! He is awesome! ❤

When I “nanny” them, it’s always more like, ‘hanging out’ with really cool people who allow me to be the nerdy lover of many YA things without shame…

:dramatically falls to knees: They understand meeeee!

:laughing at myself:

I enjoyed the event this weekend, even though it was exhausting but I must admit, I missed writing and reading. I even tried escaping somewhere to catch up on my reading. Not successful. I got the last book I ordered the week before in the mail that very morning and just had to bring it with me! I bought it cause the cover spoke to me. It was beautiful and alluring.

book at beauty show9781442450417_p0_v1_s260x420Let The Sky Fall


Shannon Messenger

I snuck to the V.I.P. section when no one was there, made a little coffee, ate my lunch and hid away in this story. Soon after, people I knew came over to get away and chat. I could see the curious eyes wondering what I was doing…reading a book? In the midst of this crazy extravagant beauty show event? I did find a couple book nerds who could appreciate my get away 😉

me beauty show day 1
Day One at the Beauty Show

I’ve been recovering from the twelve hour days starting at the butt crack of dawn, in heels all day. Now after what’s been in total, three to four days away, I am so excited to be back in the world of YA, Reading, Writing, Connecting with you all.

I left off really stoked about my Book One project board that had laid out most of the final outline. My fingers are itching to type away these scenes and chapters.

Today is pretty sweet because this Wednesday, you know, Book Shimmy Day is not just ONE Tea Time by Team Epic Reads, oh no friends , there are TWO Live episodes of Tea Time today! Its like a present from up above! At 3:45pm EST on USTREAM there will be a Tea Time episode catching up on all the awesome Book Birthday releases from this week as well as DIVERGENT Talk, baby! Yes!

Then tonight at 7pm EST on Spreecast there will be TWO YA authors stopping by to chat with everyone Live! Pretty cool huh?

Come chat on Spreecast with Rae Carson, author of The Girl of Fire and Thorns trilogy and C.J. Redwine, author of Defiance and Deception! Get your webcams ready, because you could be featured!


Check out the details if you’re interested in the link above. Come on, go check it out! 😉

Today I decided to make up for things, making it a Bookish day! Blogging, then some Writing, some Tea Time, more writing, then Tea Time part two, and then Reading. It’s gonna be a good day, I feel it!

I’m still tired, with those heavy, stinging eyeballs, so apologies if this blog post is a little all over the place. I’ll be back in the groove in no time!

Good seeing you all again!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving!

❤ Des


Writing Day: Friday



Happy Friday everyone! Hope it has been a great day so far and for those about to get out of work? PAR-TAY!

So Epic Reads (you know those crazy gals & team I don’t stop talking about? In my lil’ heart, I believe we’re friends…don’t judge me!) Anywho, they asked Nerdville Utopia (that’s us…I made that up…obviously cause it’s…well, special) to post on Instagram pictures of us with our books on their bookshelves. Get it? Book-Shelf-ie? Selfie? Ok!

Here was my special one and they included it as one of the many on their blog! “Yay!” *book shimmy*

So yesterday I took on a task. A task I was very excited about. Then I got home with all my stuff, prepped it, sat down, starred at the blank canvas and the blank index cards and suddenly felt…overwhelmed.  I took a deep breath and began writing my scenes and chapter outlines out. My other bestfriend came over to chat and she ended up becoming very useful. *drumming my fingertips together* No worries, she was well aware and was happy to be used for her creative brain. Plus it was getting late which only leads to deliriousness, which means?!?!

Creative juices ensue! (you have to sing it, let “ensue” linger at the end…awesome! As we were)

So she read some of my pages and gave me some good ideas and much to think about when it comes to mapping out properly Book 1, leading to the events of Book 2 and the theme to break down in Book 3. Eep! It’s almost surreal! Very exciting!

So thanks to Veronica Roth, author of YA books: *cricket cricket*

Wow, clearly we know who momentarily is my favorite YA author cause that is NOT who I meant… *nervous laugh*

I meant Veronica Rossi! Honest mistake, they’re names are SO similar and I have yet to read Veronica Rossi’s books so there is no intended offense here.

Books: “Under the Never Sky” “Through the Ever Night” & final book of this trilogy has not been released yet.

Well, she’s starting a new series and posted a picture of her mapping it all out on her Facebook page. It was this HUGE pink science board (remember those!? I never had color choices when I was in school) and she has papers, index card (of sorts) stuck on there with things written out. I saw that and thought, “Genius!” I’m a visual learner, processor so this was a great idea for me.

Recently, I’ve been writing pretty diligently. When I go to bed (somewhere in the wee hours of zee night) I’m always getting ideas and reach for my phone to jot them down, then turn over to free my mind into slumber. Then it happens again and again till my eyes finally give in to exhaustion. Then I have two writing notebooks. One; I started this whole concept with and the second, is the one I organized all my thoughts into and added new ones along the way. So I have this mess (good mess) of scene ideas, background stories and moments that I need to gather into one cohesive idea. So that is where the idea to take Veronica Rossi’s brilliant process and do my own version came from.

public series board displaySo I worked my butt off all last night on this and was pretty darn proud. So much so, I really really wanted to share with you all but needed to figure out a way of doing it, without you guys being able to zoom in (yea, I know some of you would do it cause…well…I’ve done it) and be able to see ALL the details of the Book.

So with my rinky dinky laptop and paint program I finally found a way! Using the “airbrush” feature, I just blotted out the details on the index cards…mwa-hahaha! Cool, huh? Now you all can see that I’m really taking this writing journey seriously and working hard to do my part so that hopefully, one day in the near future, I can get copies into your hands!

I have a separate board with Book 2 & 3 outlines.


This weekend my mothers company has an event. It’s a Beauty Show at a well-known Convention Center. My mother’s company deals with hair products. It’s a big event and they have a booth, stage appearances and everything. I work part time doing the Social Media & Blogging for the company. I’ll be there all weekend helping out. Those events are crazy. They suck the life out of you in three days. They can be fun, it’s just my introverted self can get overwhelmed and the little Des inside in a cute lace, off-white flow-y dress wants to run away and hide in a nook by a window facing a beautiful meadow, reading her book or writing in her journal.

It will be enjoyable though. The only thing I’m going to miss, is having time to write. I’m sure, with my thoughts organized, I will hit a nice stride tonight and not want to wait THREE days till I can continue writing again. *deep sigh*

Well, at least I have today so after I post this and link it in a couple of places 😉 I will be off to continuing my story!

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! See ya back here on Monday.

Happy Reading, Living, Loving

❤ Des


Teaser Thursday: Divergent



Teaser Thursday

So for my YA book loving readers, authors, publishers, editors out there, as you may already know, MTV this Sunday will be airing their VMA Awards. During the pre-show it has been announced that a world premier first look of the movie DIVERGENT will be airing as well!

Excuse me while I revert to a screaming teenager


I’m good, I’m fine. If you have read Divergent by Veronica Roth then thats all it takes for you to understand. If you havent read it because you think, “Pfft! I’m an adult, I don’t read juvenile literature” it’s okay, I still suggest perhaps you take a gander at it because it has won over millions. The story line is gripping, the pace of the books are great and the characters are so well thought out and written, they become apart of your life, family, everything.

Ok, ok, not everything but pretty darn close.

Lets just say, I was excited after I read the first book, that there was a movie coming out. I was ecstatic after reading the second book, that there is a movie of the series coming out. After probing the internet for hours after comic-con, watching youtube video upon youtube video of interviews, behind the scenes and finding tons of movie stills on Google, I was frantically anticipating the movie coming out.


TODAY? Seeing 12 seconds of actual edited footage, hearing people’s actual voices saying lines from the book, seeing subtext within peoples eyes and then…Oh and then! Hearing Four’s voice finally speak and say,

“If you want to survive…follow me”

…excuse me…I just died! On the floor…please give me a moment…

Granted, those are two completely different scenes, but they were brilliantly put together. So this Sunday I am trying not to throw something across the room about this, but I will be working and will not be able to see the whole trailer. I am hoping that the amazing fandom out there puts up a legit video immediately the same evening, the next morning the latest. *crosses fingers, toes, hair…hm…what else*

So for all of you, who haven’t see it yet: Here is a link!


Tri1 1373997101000-XXX-DIVERGENT-MOV-jy-0820-1307171201_4_3 shailene-woodley-theo-james-new-divergent-stills rs_560x415-130625154749-rs_1024x759-130625090311-1024.Divergent9mh.062513 divergent-firstlook6-full

Today…was an exciting day. I badgered my bestie in another state to call me as soon as she got off break so I can know her reaction, seeing it for the first time. It was glorious.

Well enjoy friends!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving!

<3, Des


Hunger Games: Movie Before Book Impression


Saw the Movie Before Reading the Books:

I just finished reading Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins…like 30 minutes ago, so its fresh in my mind. I found something very interesting about my journey into reading this book which in turn, taught me something about myself. I saw the Hunger Games sometime last year. I don’t even remember if I saw it in theaters or rented it after at home.

I hadn’t been swept up by my new love for YA literature cause as I’ve said in past blogs, I thought being an adult now, I wasn’t allowed and needed to read only grownup stuff, while secretly intrigued by the entire Young Adult genre still. Don’t get me wrong, I love my adult stuff too (Jane Austen has a place in my heart, always. Some of the classics, are just that, forever classics and a few other stuff here and there) but YA books feel like Home to me. I had never read the books so I didn’t understand the hype that was surrounding this movie, at the time. I saw it, I enjoyed it for what it was and that was it.

Looking back–especially after reading the book–there was so much I just couldn’t get invested in. I’m a movie chick too, so I need and expect even in the cheesiest of films, to be brought into a state of investment. I wanted to get invested in Katniss as a person, I wanted to get invested in a love story interwoven somewhere but none of it happened. The focus of the story seemed more about mild action-adventure that tried to throw in heart but I couldn’t find it. The only place I found it was between Katniss and Rue. So I enjoyed the movie more for the interesting plot line of the Games. With the second movie coming about, I was only intrigued because of an actor I noticed whose in it now that I, well, let’s just say, enjoy watching ::grin:: and to see if they can get me invested into some sort of love story. (All along hoping for Gale and Katniss, especially after seeing a kiss somewhere in the preview of Catching Fire).

All this, was my impression last year, seeing the movie, not having read the books yet…

Reading Book #1 Now a Year Later:


Let me tell ya, seeing the movie before reading the book was a great disservice to me. Being one of the popular YA books right now, (I have set myself to read and catch up on as many well known YA books) I decided I needed to read this book. While reading it–credit to the movie–I felt tons of it was portrayed exactly as it was in the book. There were things here and there of course, but lots of it was identical. As I wrote two blogs ago, what I missed in the movie was Katniss’ inner dialogue that you couldn’t get within the movie but was what helped explain SO much about her, her character and decisions to me.

I was honestly coasting through the book almost bored wanting to get through it as quickly as I can, not cause it wasn’t good but due to the fact that I wasn’t getting that new feeling of unexpected emotion from discovery. I knew what was going on and what was going to happen already because of watching the movie.

It was still a good read because I got through it fairly quickly. No matter how much I want to get through reading a book, if it’s not keeping my attention, rarely do I get through it. It remains with a bookmarked page somewhere between the beginning and the middle and stays there. So, clearly, the book is good. 

The Turning Point:

Interesting enough, as I was making my way to the end of the book, something happened. The last forty or thirty pages were NOTHING like the movie. Especially the moment they “win”, from there on it’s so different. It had my undivided attention. I enjoyed the extra tidbits that happened between there and them returning back to District 12 together. Everything that was then said and revealed just in the last few pages (I dont want to spoil it in case you haven’t read it and want to now) perked me up!

I read that last page, closed it, slapped it against my lap and exclaimed,

“Dang it! Now I want to read the second one…literally, NOW!”

I had no intentions or interest in reading the rest of the series before. I was gonna wait till later in the near future. I literally checked online to see if perhaps Target was gonna be open with enough time to run over and buy a copy of it...hashtag# Fail!

It wasn’t opened and then mother nature intervened and told me loud and clear, that I wasn’t going anywhere. Hard torrential rain came out of NO WHERE as I was literally about to step out the door. A girl can take a hint. Back upstairs I went, stomping like an angry child, head hanging low.

The book was almost ruined for me due to watching the movie first, but luckily those last few pages drew me in and all of a sudden the veil was removed and I was able to appreciate the book as if I had read it prior to any movie. I realized and appreciated that it was a well-written concept. Now I’m excited for the other books of the series and the movies as well.

My Impression: (may contain spoilers…you have been warned)


Love Triangle Dynamic

So, I found this very interesting about the book. The dynamic of the love-triangle, I guess you could say. Katniss and Peeta, Katniss and Gale…oh me oh my, what’s a girl to do? Before I read it, I thought,

“Heller? Gale, duh! I mean, just look at him” ::chuckle::

I feel so conflicted now. Poor Peeta, he has really liked Katniss all this time, and there’s nothing like extreme life or death scenarios to push those once feelings of “like” into full on Love!

Man, in the book you realize how much Katniss faked the “love” and relational development that at the end, when Peeta finally catches on, you ache for him. The thing is, Katniss did develop a fondness for Peetah but at the same time, without really admitting it to herself, realized her feelings for Gale at the same time. Ohmylanta! Talk about a mess.

What I don’t know walking away from book one is, if her feelings, that she clearly does have for Peeta, are more brought on by the comfort and beacon Peeta has become due to their circumstance in the arena? He represents a safe feeling, a feeling of not being alone during life and death. He was a comfort in the midst of hell which can be confused and look an awful lot like,

“Oh, it must be cause I like him like him…in that way”

…Nope! Didn’t we learn from Sandra Bullock in “Speed” as she told Keanu Reeves that:

Sandra Bullock (Annie): “…’cause you know, relationships that start under intense circumstances, they never last”.

This theory is then proven in “Speed 2” when she is no longer with Keanu Reeves character, Jack. Makes sense huh?

Anyway, so I’m curious to see Gale tossed in like a monkey wrench into the relationship, testing out true feelings, seeing then which will surface.


Oh yea, tomorrow I will be making my way to a book-selling store near you…well, actually near me. I’m reading, starting tonight a book my niece insisted on me reading because it’s one; her favorite and two; she sadly informed me it didn’t review well and she needs someone to FanGirl with!

So once I’m done with Heather Brewers’ Soulbound, 1st book of the Legacy of Tril series, I may be wrapping my fingers around Catching Fire‘s pages. I’ll keep ya’ll informed!

Until next time folks!

Happy Reading, Living, Loving!

<3, Des