These days…

These days…Oh these days…not at all what you think they’ll turn out to be.

Life gets in the way from time to time and other times…we get in our own way.


I will vulnerably admit that, I have been getting in my own way this last month. Though there are tons of excuses I can give that may seem valid not just to me but others as well, still there is no excuse…not really. One of my bestfriends showed me a video of this older gentleman who was disabled. He didnt have free use of his legs and used a walker device to just get himself minimally around.

He did this Diamond Dallas yoga program (a wrestler who changed his health doing yoga-go figure, and created a program of his own that’s helped people like crazy get healthy and physically fit without even lifting weights)


I’m gonna post the video (esp. if you’re on a health journey of your own and stumbled on my blog/youtube I encourage you to check this video out even if just for the sole purpose of Motivation!)

(video below)

We watched it and I thought, Des…you have NO excuse! Here’s a man who was physically disabled and he pushed and fell on his face, literally and on camera and kept going. He probably felt ridiculous at times attempting those Yoga poses and not getting it at first. It didnt stop him…he made it a priority and he succeeded!

On my other blog I wrote about Self-Sabotage. How we allow Procrastination to creep in and take over our “space” (life) and become frustrated with ourselves for allowing it. Then, time passes by quicker than you can blink and we then allow that icky “failure” feeling, label to linger over us.


This last month I have not been productive with my health plan. Curves (Gym) has barely seen my face (doesn’t matter the excuses, they’re just that….Excuses), my shakes started collecting dust in the kitchen corner and my emotional splurges grew more and more in sight and my thighs ::chuckle::

Today especially was one of those days. Those lethargic, self-discouraging self-sabotaging days. I was allowing it to be so for most of today honestly. Talking about it and processing it with you guys is what’s shaking me out of it. It’s why I share my emotions and thoughts, personal thoughts with you all. One thing is my personal paperback journey by my bedside…a whole other thing is knowing others are actually reading these scrambled undone thoughts. It causes me to process differently, speak of my thoughts differently, keeping in mind someone else like me may be reading this.

So I am making amends with myself and not focusing on yesterday, not focusing on tomorrow. All we have control of is today. I can still redeem today.

Now that I realize it, I need to ACT upon it.


I removed the dust off my shakes, made them today, caught up on some work I’ve been trailing behind on and tonight I will work out. Done. Thats my day today. Did I get everything on my to-do list? No. I got some of them. I got more than I have these last few weeks. Those small accomplishments do make a dent on things, make a difference. I will not make light of them, no matter how small.

In other news:

I miss making videos for you guys from Youtube but still I find myself without a sufficient working computer and editing software. Hoping in the near future to change that. I may at least give short plain updates from my phone and load those, raw as they may be.

Here’s the video about Arthur and his journey with Diamond Dallas: Enjoy!

Good day!

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