Speaking of Dreams…


So staying  in theme to dreams this week I had a random dream last night.

Ever since I began contemplating this whole; not new as my two best friends have made very clear, but more of a continuation of a career in Acting, I’ve been dreaming a lot about it. My friends have even dreamed about it in reference to me. I guess I threw it out into the world officially causing it to follow me at every turn.

Sometimes Id prefer “life” and me to not haunt me with it day and night. Why? Well so in case it doesnt happen I wont feel the sting of the miss step again.

Dreaming…what’s going on up there…in our minds? How does this whole dreaming bit work? Why? Some times it’s bizarre, you cant deny the occasional creepy coincidences of life that cause you to hesitate and ponder. You never want to entertain it (hypothetically here), because that just seems ridiculous, basing your hopes and dreams on well…dreams.

Then there are those dreams that just hold your attention from the moment you awaken. You reach for something to jot it down before the details become only foggy shadows of a once reality that felt and seemed so real in your mind. The day goes on and there it is-another coincidence of life tying to your dream!

So this acting thing has been running through my mind like crazy lately. I drive myself insane with all the details and possibilities and failures and adventures and hopes and faith in the process not being this worn out fail. Then, I decide to talk myself out of being naive and bring myself back from the clouds. Hours and hours pass in the day and there I go again, daydreaming…remembering moments that I only experienced in my head…with my eyes closed…after drifting off to another state of being…sleep.

Last nights dream had a certain man in it, an actor who makes me curious in the sense that I think, “hmmm…you and I would definitely be friends I believe…interesting”. It’s not one of those teeny-bopper pipe  dreams of falling for some celebrity you absolutely do not know…at all…oh and yea, you dont exist in their world and never will I’m sure!

It’s crazy how from a dream you can remember touch, and experience your senses. (yea, I’m not elaborating anymore on that previous paragraph…sorry) My fingers were getting cold and he was warming them for me with his hands…

The dream was about me visiting  a certain Broadway musical. I was either just visiting and getting an inside look due to a hook up from on of the actresses or I was perhaps gonna be involved somehow with the production. The guy was more I think a random component due to him being in the production I was visiting.

Anyway, my point is the coincidences of life…are they coincidence? Does life mess with our heads as we sleep to show us something to prepare for, hope for, believe for? Here a person I especially recently have not and do not think about, and honestly I laughed with my friend telling her today because the night before, I treated myself to some comedy relief and watched “Warm Bodies” -the zombie movie…yea…dont judge. When I went to sleep, I thought for sure I was gonna dream with zombies…Oh, yea cause I also had just gotten home from hanging out with family and my niece wanted to play Resident Evil Director’s Cut for a couple of hours…why did I go home and then see a Zombie movie? No clue, it was not on purpose, just happened…so FOR SURE I thought…yea…zombie dreams…ha!

Well, not at all…the complete opposite. My friend had a dream about me and something related to Acting and a specific city. Few days later I’m dreaming and encountering little things related to each other and that specific city. Its gotta make you wonder. Is life trying to tell me something? Perhaps it’s just trying to throw a little hope my way so I dont cancel myself out of this before I have even begun.

My apologies for rambling here but I process things in life better through writing than I do verbally and might as well, why not, post it for all the world to see and judge!

Have your dreams every played back out in the real world? It happens to my friend so I know it’s possible but it was never something I experienced before. Who knows…I guess we’ll wait and see.

Dreaming is a funny business I’ll tell ya…

Well I wont ramble on any more about this tonight. I’m off to hopefully do just that again…dream…hopefully with a purpose.

Night! Sweet dreams 😉


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