Update and Random Thoughts…

Hey world!

So for you who follow and have subscribed to my YouTube channel, I haven’t been able to post any new videos for 2 main reasons. One; my computer is old and is finally fighting me, not wanting to live or be young and wild, pff! Such a party poop-er. Two; I need a new editing program. I uninstalled and reinstalled Window Live Movie Maker so many times due to its constant crash and fail that I had to finally give up on it for the sake also of my computer.

So now I’m stuck, with tons of ideas for videos but no way of bringing them to life for y’all. Really sucks cause I was on a roll too but anyhow, until I can fix those two issues and resume filming, I will be updating you all on my health journey through this blog!

Well a quick update on my Curves Challenge!










In the last 4 weeks I have embarked on this Health Journey for 2013. After suffering many MANY years of a variety of health issues, finally the light at the end of the tunnel gave me the green light to begin a journey I have waited many years for.

The first couple of weeks I documented on film (YouTube videos: I’ll post them at the bottom if you’re interested) but once my camera/editing situation happened, y’all haven’t heard the latest.

Two weeks ago I was VERY sick for 10 days. So I obviously missed a week of my meal plan and workouts. Coming out of that and jumping right back into things were a little more difficult than I expected. It’s been a bit up and down but still the point and joy of celebration is that, inches keep going down.

This is a long term goal and a change in lifestyle. I have to keep reminding myself of that for the off-weeks that are bound to happen. We’re human and life…well, life is life and sometimes will beat you down or just trip you.

I get these great weekly progress reports. Here’s a snippet of my progress thus far.

The First 2-Weeks:

Lost a total of 7.75 inches!

The 3rd Week:

Lost a total of 3.75 inches!

The 4rth Week: I was sick 😦

The 5th Week:

Lost a total of (another) 3.75 inches!

The 6th Week:

(Now this week was a bit of a snafu. I’ll explain more below)

I gained 2 inches 😦 (but it’s okay, not defeated!)

In total since I have begun, I have lost a 13.25 inches!

Last week my friend Vane heard and researched about these pills from Dr. Oz’s recommendation called “Green Coffee Beans”

green coffee bean

We began taking them and noticed that we were EXHAUSTED during our workouts, barely able to get through them. After 4 weeks of doing circuit training plus Zumba classes we found it strange. I blamed it on possibly me being sick before and getting back into things. That week, it continued but Vane weighed herself daily seeing a pound dropped a day and thought, “Great, either way it’s working”. On the weekends her and I are more lenient with out diet. Nothings changed for 5 weeks and weekly we have been losing.

Come Monday progress report and we both gained. Later on she found reviews online from people who had taken them saying that  they work for the most part when your “religiously” on them. As soon as you stop and eat slightly normal, you’ll gain.

So we decided stick to the all natural way, healthy eating and exercise with no added “help”.

So we’re back on track and continue to see results. Excited for the coming months ahead! I’ll keep you all informed!



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