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Hey world! So for you who follow and have subscribed to my YouTube channel, I haven't been able to post any new videos for 2 main reasons. One; my computer is old and is finally fighting me, not wanting to live or be young and wild, pff! Such a party poop-er. Two; I need a… Continue reading Update and Random Thoughts…


The Culture of Coffee

Thought it appropriate to reblog on my new blog being that already on my YouTube channel I gave an ode to my love for COFFEE!

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I love coffee; I love the culture of coffee more!

It’s interesting because growing up in South Florida I only knew the Cuban coffee culture. Little street windows where you crowd up with others trying to catch the window ladies attention so you can place your quick order.

Your order sounds nothing like anything any other coffee lovers would know of. They’re Hispanic orders of coffee; espresso. Spanish.

Like what, you ask?

FrothinRedMaker“Un Cortadito” = an espresso sized version of “Cafe con Leche” -kinda like a Latte.

“Cafe Con Leche” = A stronger more condensed version of your usual coffee shop Latte. Usually brands of espresso such as Pilon or Bustelo are used.

Then theres the ever universal “un Espresso” with a Hispanic twist.

It’s a shot of strong Cuban Espresso but as the crema pours into the small silver cup, sugar is added and mixed to create a thick…

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Every Woman Chooses the Love Life she Has!

Loved this topic I wrote about two years ago on my other blog and wanted to share on my new one!

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Every Woman Chooses the Love Life she Has!

A dead beat male character told a “confident” woman in a film that “Every woman chooses the Love Life she HAS”.

Hm…. To say the least, she was NOT pleased with that remark and to be honest at first, neither was I.

I thought, “That’s ridiculous! A woman doesn’t choose to be single and lonely, or cheated on and used, or not have prince charming. That’s not OUR faults as women? Seriously?”

But as time past, and even recently when I unraveled the concept it hit me. That it actually is so true! We as woman DO choose the Love Life we have and want.

For instance, let’s start with me.  Already as a woman I start with the, “I don’t want to be alone, not in a relationship. I want to find that someone. It’s these guys, they’re this or that…

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